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  1. Hi! I have the idea of viewing something on a "sitrep update" about being able to have on screen information of the keyboard keys being pressed at a given time. The question is: is there a way to have on screen information of the keys pressed, for a viewer seeing a video knows what keys are being pressed?
  2. Dont buy it! My "duty" oblige me to inform the Whole World that this game is crap!( no multiplayer, no support, ....,.....,) Financial move or what, does not matter. Its crap! And now that i am done, Have a nice week
  3. mstq

    Urban Patrol Script

    Yeah, i sense the same ..:)
  4. Windows 7 64bit. Thank you for info. Sometimes i click to "apply" option and erase some equip, but heyy, fantastic app! See ya;) ---------- Post added at 00:24 ---------- Previous post was at 00:20 ---------- But i have a doubt, thou; Im making The loadout for a particular mission for me and for all AI players (5 playable AI). When i start the game, the loadout that appears is one from "profile" and not the "unit by unit" loadout.... . hummmm....:confused:
  5. Hello. In my tv, 37" samsung i cannot "maximize" the window of "@LEA" and so the letters are cutted, like; ex: "Apply loadout t..." , "switch unit T..." . Did i explainded +- right?:) Im not able to maximize LEA editor and cant see what is written. Is there an option in the exe? Thank you for @LEA.