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  1. _killed = (_this select 0); _posKilled = getPos killed; deleteVehicle _killed; "SmallSecondary" createVehicle posKilled;
  2. Just wait for DayZ they are doing experience with new ragdoll and physics engine (bullet or something). I think it will come to arma3 EP.
  3. attach it from the local (client) aspect.
  4. declare these following lines in description.ext class whatever { class cfgWeapons {class arifle_something {price = 60;};}; class cfgMagazines {class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag {price = 10;};}; }; now you can called by getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "whatever" >>"CfgWeapons" >> "arifle_something" >> "price");
  5. Zatan13th

    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    Hmm, I think UK used to sold their ship (or carrier whatever I cant remember) to Argentina before the folkland war.
  6. "Put" / "Take" eventhandler check if the container is the target cache, then "closeDialog 602".
  7. Zatan13th

    Ediing the campaign

  8. Zatan13th

    The island is boring.

    certainly he barely know about ArmA.
  9. Zatan13th

    Priority of Bugfixing and features of BIS

    I dont think so. MP is not more popular than SP. Skyrim, Crysis1, Farcry 2-3, Bioshock, Fallout etc., some of these not even provide MP element but they still got popular. As for ArmA, I think the devs focus both MP and SP (that is COOP, which is the strong point of ArmA than any game) as we already know that most of ArmA players played PvE more than PVP. (except for Wasteland and DayZ)
  10. Zatan13th

    Bandoliers should be backpacks, not vests

    +1 profit! I am support the multifunction wearable items!(yeah... whatever it called)
  11. Zatan13th

    Campaign force viewer

    wow, with this function... then is it possible that EP2 or EP3 will be a free roaming open world game? (player can choose any squad to assign for playing their specific owned mission)
  12. Zatan13th

    Need login system

    ??? do you want an actual login system, or a cencept of login system, or just only a login screen? as for login screen, you can use the gui editor.