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    Player moves like a drunken sailor.

    What exactly is the complication that requires this to be dragged out to 5 pages? Just turn head-bobbing completely off and be done with it. The movement is pretty smooth after that. I myself have it off because the movement was making me kinda dizzy, and I rationalized that since I don't get dizzy from my own body movements in real life, then I shouldn't be dizzy when looking at the screen either. But point is the option is there for anyone to turn on/off as they choose. CQB is fairly manageable when walking not running, but one generally shouldn't be rushing around corners in CQB anyhow. I do agree that the weapon collision thing needs to be more streamlined and organic, and of course improvements to how the AI utilizes building interiors.
  2. DillonAero

    enpower hc module

    I would like the HC interface to also provide more specific information about a unit, such as number of troops and troop type, composed of what vehicles if any, as well as casualties. For now the only way I know of to find out exactly what a unit is composed of is if I actually walk up to the unit's location to look at them, which is not reasonable if you have several units over a large area, and certainly not something a higher level commander does. The ability to combine and split units would be great as well. If a unit has taken heavy casualties, and is no longer combat effective by itself, I want to be able to integrate these guys into another existing unit so they can be useful again, or to be able to add a couple of guys to a unit to reinforce them, perhaps give them a vehicle to help them out. Conversely, I may also want to split a unit into two or more units, attempting to flank if I have no other units available, etc. All in all, the ability to transfer troops between the units under your command. The reasons to do so won't be the same every time, but being able to do them will add more dimension to HC.
  3. DillonAero

    Expansion (New Forces-IDF) and Map.

    I will approach this from a non-political angle. Points as mentioned in other threads: 1. No more time/resources should be spent on developing yet another bluefor (addonmakers are welcome to do so if they wish of course). What we need is more opfor. 2. New opfor needs to be NOT more pushovers like terrorists/insurgents or any of that. Asymetric turkey shoot is starting to get old, like an adult beating up a child. More balanced warfare where there is tension, and worry that one might actually get shot or blown up (if playing blufor) is the atmosphere that I would want to see in new BIS releases. 3. No more bland middle-easternish/desert maps please. Something fresh is needed. So overall, I would personally say no to an expansion/DLC as suggested here, because to me it does not add much new things to Arma 2 not already covered by OA. It would just give a feeling of same (asymmetric) fight, same place, different skin. Not something I would fork over DLC money for, much less expansion.
  4. DillonAero

    Improve grenade throwing

    To those who say there should be no visual aids for grenade throwing, I say then give me an interface that is somehow hooked up to the neurons in my muscles so I can gauge the throw by feel without any help from visual aid. But since we don't have that sort of technology, we have nothing but visual aid at this point, and the one currently in Arma 2 is lacking. Even the old Rainbow 6 series had a more intuitive aid for throwing at the same time without making it too easy to be precise until you've become experienced with it: A little bar indicating how much strength is being put into the throw depending on how long you hold down the mouse button, combined with the factor of how high you are aiming, will result in a certain distance and trajectory of the throw. No destination markers needed and there's even an underhanded option. Simple yet effective. And contrary to what a previous poster mentioned, I feel as if grenades in Arma 2 don't bounce at all, and seem not to be real objects either. From my experience, whenever I see a grenade land, all I saw was a little black dot that sticks to the ground as soon as it lands, with no bouncing or rolling whatsoever. There is no noise of it landing either, even if on concrete or hard indoor floor. So whenever a grenade is thrown at me I have no way of detecting where it lands unless I happen to look the right way. So not only the throwing interface needs improvement, the grenade as an object itself needs to be made more substantial rather than "phantom-like".
  5. DillonAero

    Idea for new DLC

    I do agree that we need more opfor rather than blufor. I probably spend more time looking at the stuff I am shooting at than the stuff on my side anyways. But even if ex-Warsaw Pact hardware is the most common in the world, I don't think we need yet another faction rehashed from the same old AK variants, T-72's, BMPs, Hinds, etc...it'll just be more of the same except with different skin. Thats why I think PLA would be a good choice for the next new faction, whether independent or opfor, since that would comprise of a whole different set of military hardware, whether to ride in or to shoot at, which actually adds something new to Armaverse rather than more reskinning. But if BIS were to do this, it should be a faction as complete as the U.S. or Russia (not like BAF), in which case I don't think it'll fit in a DLC. It would have to be its own expansion, or perhaps a DLC bigger than the $10 one. And yes, an opfor perspective campaign (whichever faction they decide on) would be fresh as well. It takes some balls to go against the pc grain, and plus what could be more challenging than fighting against blufor?
  6. DillonAero

    WarFX : Blastcore

    This looks great! I love the more realistic looking tracers, and I'll need a better system to play the other effects properly. Btw, I noticed that the YakB-12.7 gun on the Mi-24V still fires the stock tracers.
  7. DillonAero

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I have the same issue as you with regards to the hold fire command. I had been using Arma 2 CO 1.56, CBA 0.7.1, and Zeus 0.02a. I tested on the editor disabling all other mods except Zeus and CBA, and had "autoreporting" disabled in difficulty setting, which keeps my own character from reporting enemy sightings unless you right click on the enemy. (the reason why this is done will be apparent later). I set up a similar scenario where me and my fireteam of ai squadmembers goes around a hangar building to approach a single enemy ai from his rear after issuing hold fire command. Here's what I observed from multiple tests: The MG guy would always break hold fire by either firing at the enemy (in some cases hitting his own teammates in his eagerness to do so), or tossing a grenade then firing. The only time where he would obey hold fire, is if he was the first to sight and report the enemy contact (which was the reason for disabling autoreport). If someone else other than himself (another ai teammate, or player's character) sighted and reported the enemy first, he would not obey hold fire. After more tests I also found that the machinegunners and automatic riflemen are not the only ones insubordinate to hold fire. The fireteam leader (not squad leader, as they're ok), the marksmen, and the snipers also suffer the same problem. It seems that other troop types are fine. I'm not sure what the source of the problem is. The only thing I can do atm is to reluctantly disable Zeu_ai whenever I play SF type missions.
  8. DillonAero

    SP Mission: Operation Enable Sky

    Well, this is quite an old thread, though that doesn't mean nobody playing this mission no more. Better to post here than to start a new thread I suppose ;). Not sure if the maker of this mission is still around, but going to give it a shot anyways. This was a real enjoyable mission, but sadly some issue prevented me from enjoying the final assault. I got to destroy the 3 Tunguskas with one casualty, met up with other teams at the rendezvous point. But after my team got picked up by one of the choppers, flying to LZ to assault Grishino, the chopper flies toward destination for a while, but then goes into a steep dive and crashes into the trees, killing all of us (I swear the pilot must be a Russian spy conspiring to kill my whole team cuz they kick too much ass :D). The crash always happens after the pop-up message saying that I can rearm myself in the chopper. I also restarted the mission without AI related mods, but same issue repeats itself. Does anyone know what may be the problem?
  9. DillonAero

    SLX Mod WIP

    I really enjoyed the features added by SLX. The gib effects are a nice touch, adding portrayal to how horrible war can be. A couple of things I did have issues with is that sometimes I think AI drags the wounded (sometimes me :p) around for far too long, until the wounded bleeds to death (and not necessarily under heavy fire). The drag feature is great, except that due to limitations of Arma 2 AI, they don't always know where is the quickest and best place to drag to, or prioritize between whether it is better to keep dragging, or better to just administer first aid as soon as possible cuz poor guy is bleeding all over. Perhaps the solution is to limit the time the AI can drag you? Also for some reason, after winning a firefight and in all the time it takes me to heal friendlies, rearm/scavenge, reorganize etc. before moving on, it seems that the enemy AI wounded can lay there struggling and screaming forever without bleeding to death (they are still alive and screaming by the time my group is leaving), yet when it comes to my AI squadmembers, it seems they need to be tended to quick or else their time will expire and die. Sometimes, the medic will simply refuse to heal wounded as ordered (either by saying negative, or by saying roger but just stops next to wounded and do nothing). Not sure if this medic thing has to do with SLX or the game itself though... One last thing, does anyone know how to use the bayonet provided by the melee pbo's? I see the knife show up in the inventory, yet I have no idea how to attach it to my gun and use it. There is no option for it in the mouse-wheel menu, and not sure where else to look...
  10. DillonAero

    Bug in Bear Rising?

    Yup, this mission does not end for me either. I even completed it again with no mods whatsoever, but same thing. Wherever I destroyed their base there will be a spot with CDF infantry spawning quicker than rabbits, where my tanks kept firing until a large pile of CDF corpses, yet they kept spawning, so much so all 3 of my T-90's were running out of ammo :eek:. In fact, left unchecked they can be so many as to retake towns. After some twisted amusement, I ended it with shift - endmission, but did not get the green square filled in certifying my completion after such hard-fought victory...
  11. DillonAero

    New idea of Wild West addon

    From the gameplay videos I've seen before, Red Dead Redemption is far from realistic as far as gun battles, just about as simplified and ego-centered as GTA, though both are good games in their own category. However, it sure would be a dream to traverse the Wild West engaging in realistic Arma-like gunfights (w/ period weaponry), where the environment is as unforgiving as it really was, living from day to day earning your keep, where the next conflict that breaks out may very well be your last. No game has yet approached this setting from a realistic standpoint as yet. Of course, too many things to overcome for this to be reality...one can only dream.
  12. DillonAero

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 76560

    Ok, this will be my first time trying out a beta patch. So once I apply this beta patch, and when the next official patch comes out, I can just install it straight, without having to reinstall the whole game, correct?
  13. DillonAero

    Razor 2

    Furthermore, if you want to be able to collect all evidence before catching what's his face, then:
  14. DillonAero

    Ability to transition weapons on the move

    IMO, the way things are currently is backwards. Right now you can reload your weapon while moving, even running, but when switching weapons you are glued to the ground. It should be the other way around. You should have to stay in one place for a more precision task of reloading a weapon (cuz lets face it, if modern man can often enough fumble a one piece affair like a football while on the run, even pros, then you ARE going to fumble a 3 piece juggling affair like two magazines and a rifle as well as taking said magazines to and from pouches, and trying to reload something as big as a launcher on the move...impossible). While switching a weapon which is mostly gross motor movement, you should be able to do on the move, perhaps not running or sprinting (especially not for something bulky like launchers), but at least be able to walk while doing it.
  15. DillonAero

    Bombs are too slow!

    I thought bombs are only as fast as gravity allows? Even LGBs rely mainly on gravity, with a system to make adjustments to the downward glidepath. I wouldn't expect it to be lightning fast like a missile.