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    French in Mali

    Does anyone else think this has been too easy, and the Islamists and their Tuareg supporters have just melted away into the desert or into the lawless areas of neighboring countries until the French leave?
  2. Hi ... am enjoying this as I did the Eastern Front. I generally can't advance very far on the D-Day landing. I can fairly easily make my way to the beachhead, plant the charges and detonate a hole in the wire. Once I start to advance I realize my entire platoon is dead or at best I have a couple of injured members left crawling around who are quickly mopped up. Am I supposed to direct the entire platoon in some way to keep them alive (other than "disembark" and "move to next waypoint")? I can't even tell them to follow my stance, as it is greyed out. Is the AI all buggy, or am I not doing something correctly. BTW, I'm playing as Recruit. I end up being surrounded by Germans with no cover or support in the bushes on my way to the bunker (next waypoint) and always end up outnumbered and dead.
  3. MissionCreep

    what is the most annoying thing for you in arma 3 ?

    Friendly AI who don't follow orders, can't shoot worth a damn, and get wiped out by enemy AI 15 minutes into a mission, leaving you to complete the mission solo.
  4. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

  5. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

    What is the role for France? Hasn't France agreed to deliver 2 Mistral-class amphibious assault ships to the Russian Navy?
  6. MissionCreep

    Arma 3 , project the cave

    How many meters distance of caverns do you think you have so far? Is it a network, or is it a main passage with mostly dead-end branches? Just wondering. It looks amazing, by the way.
  7. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

    Agree ... until there are at least pictures, can't really be taken seriously. You would think there would probably be some prisoners as well which would be reported. (I am aware that making public the filming or photographing prisoners is against Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention - "Prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity" )
  8. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

    If it was in fact an armoured convoy and it did cross the border, it could have been pro-Russia rebels (or their supporters) infiltrating across the border. They may have misjudged the location or determination of the Ukr forces, or believed they would have received support (from either or both sides of the border) that never materialized.
  9. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

    Russia would crush Ukraine in any conventional war by force of numbers and arms ... also, the open, flat terrain of the Ukraine is highly unsuited to tactics of asymmetric warfare. There is nowhere to hide, except possibly urban areas, which can be easily surrounded and cut off from their flat, open surroundings by a superior force.
  10. MissionCreep

    Ukraine General

    Ukrainian Nazi's Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is Jewish ...
  11. MissionCreep

    We need worse weapon systems

    I suspect in a sentence you want to say "Please make the weapons in Arma3 more closely simulate real, actual weapons systems rather than weapons in an arcade game." Would this be accurate?
  12. MissionCreep

    Question about the T-100

    Yeah, but APFSDS is a kinetic round and much less effective against shoulder fired AT weapons fired from cover/concealment or entrenched AT positions. At some point, what to keep in the magazine/chamber depends on your judgement of the situation.
  13. MissionCreep

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    In fact, the membership of the "Roman Army" wasn't (if ever) exclusively "Roman", especially after the first Punic war (240 BC) and recruited Greek and Spaniard mercenaries, Numidian horseman, Cretan archers, Balearic slingers. By the 5th century, it was mostly Germanic when Alric sacked Rome in 410 AD. Alric, the Visigoth, who had fought in the army of the Roman emperor Theodosius I, defeated Roman Empire's "Magister Militum" (Supreme Commander) Stilicho, a Vandal, to take the city of Rome. Even "Arminius" (known as Hermann to this day by Germans), the architect of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 4 AD which resulted 3 Roman legions (20,000-30,000 people) being annihilated in 3 days, had once been a Roman military commander, and his brother, Flavus fought on the side of the Romans.
  14. MissionCreep


    Use of streetnames by military operators would detract from realism. Gridpoints would be the first choice as they are unambiguous ("First Street or First Avenue? ","Kim Jong Il Dear Leader Boulevard, confirm, over."). To anyone and everyone who is unfamiliar with the area or even the country, gridpoints are the most direct way to communicate location. Also, for example, on Startis and Altis, the street signs would be in Greek. Fine if you can read Greek, but Greek is ... ummmm ... Greek to most people. Strategic locations with a lot of familiarity often have codenames or informal names, eg "Death Valley", "Thunder Road".
  15. Hot doggin' under the Tara Bridge, Namalsk, Dec 12, 2024 http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/Shirtan_Pantz/tara-3.jpg?t=1396069259 (110 kB)
  16. Here's to hoping the ToH Seattle Map gets a decent port to Arma III
  17. I found that too for invasion/occupation ... what are your MP settings? I often find that in the amount of time it takes to chopper into a hot spot on the map, the battle is over. Sometimes the fight is over so fast that I'm a latecomer to the final stages even when I teleport there.
  18. Thanks ... will do. I've always liked the terrain at Tora Bora ... had some epic battles there.
  19. Yes ... I am using MP. As far as I know there are no prefabs/bases on Tora Bora. So there is no Objective profiling for Tora Bora? How does one set up ALiVE in this case? I saw it is on the list of maps that work with ALiVE, so I assumed setup is business as usual ...
  20. Doesn't seem to fix it ... like I said all the other 7 maps listed as ALiVE compatible work fine for me, just not Tora Bora.
  21. See my post about this and the Seattle map and answers beneath it .. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158625-Seattle-Map-into-ARM-III&p=2611582&viewfull=1#post2611582
  22. I run Alive with A3 1.10.114700 in Fallujah 1.2 with no problems. I do have a problem with Tora Bora ... I get Alpha 1-1 [..] "There are 0 objectives for this OPCOM instance | Please assign Millitary or Civiliian Objectives" I link Millitary Placememnt to opposing OPCOM etc. I am also successfully running Chenarus, Namalsk, Cafghanistan, N'Ziwasogo along with Fallujah, but keep getting the above message for Tora Bora. Any ideas?
  23. MissionCreep

    Fight against mass surveillance

    Privacy is an illusion ... if you do have privacy, be glad that you (like me) are not powerful or important enough to have it violated in any meaningful manner.
  24. Watch the vids, download sample missions from alivemod.com. Start your first mission to be very, very basic, then build it up in stages to make it more complex (while keeping copies of your old missions because you will invariably get almost to the stage you want, and then break it).