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    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    good job ONS, can't wait to try this out when I get back home!
  2. Hi Incomitatum, never had this VAS problem on dedicated with JIP, we use it all the time, it must something in your mods/mission. Shay cool droppods! can't wait for more MCC + DLC enahncements I tried HC virtual entity and it connects on its own but I can't spawn MCC AI on this headless client, anyone else have this issue? New to HC so maybe it's just me. Here's a suggestion, would it be possible to have an option to transfer saved missions to another player/server profile? Kinda like VAS can transfer saved loadouts. We share missions between admins and this would help alot for people that can't get their head around copy/pasting some code :j: edit: I stand corrected, the ZEUS VAS preset don't show up for JIP, it works in MCC 3D editor.
  3. nice update played all night and no ArmA3 crash but I have a different problem now installed new v1.3 of @allinarmaterrainpacklite and it appears to conflict with taskforceradio, I have to disable taskforceradio plugin to use TS ingame or teamspeak keeps crashing rolled back to previous AiATP version, no teamspeak crash edit : sorry disregard, I fixed my TFR somehow keep up the good work, gonna try out all maps with some friends and report any issues
  4. nice mod! thanks for your work, ArmA3 would not be so much fun without MCC how can I enable the disarm IED option in multiplayer? for some reason I only see the action when I use MCC mod in SP is it possible to prevent collision (CAN_COLLIDE off) when placing objects in 3D editor? sometimes I try to place a simple static weapon inside a bunker and I end up destroying the whole FOB without spawning a thing XD save is my friend
  5. yes both versions, no other mods the key "GPS" works fine and will show the GPS while holding the key the key "toggle GPS" does not show the GPS on the screen but it must be doing something because I'm unable to use "GPS" key while it is toggled
  6. good stuff thanks for the quick support! after playing around with my keys the GPS actually works just the toggle is broken so it will not stay on screen, we use ctab or foldmap as workaround
  7. I confirm grids + altitude digits and show up but no GPS with the full standalone. I use PWS with custom repo to share mods with our community so it will be hard to avoid this bug, is there a specific file in the lite version that can be replaced manually to fix the issue? edit: ok I replace ui_fonts in SA lite with the one in full and the map digits are back but still no GPS
  8. here you go http://pastebin.com/9CFdwtM2 started downloading the full standalone to see if it resolves the issue
  9. great work! little bug though I just switched from A3MP to AiAstandalone lite on PWS and all the numbers for grids and altitude have disappeared on every map, I'm also unable to open the GPS
  10. razool

    10 x Smal CSATl Camp Templates

    thanks for releas, this is very useful as dynamic compositions for enemy camps, ill send you objectgrabber scripts asap
  11. long time coming but well worth the wait, thanks O`Hally and keep on truckin`
  12. thanks for the tip, I can confirm that removing Spyder_ONU fixes many ACE glitches (double rucks, not being able to pick rucks after dropping, opening player ruck from back and so on)
  13. Yea my bad I should've read your post more carefully, I've never played CTI MSO but if you look in "enemy\modules\BIS_Warfare\template.civilwar" folder there's a file called "Config_Loadouts.sqf" that contains a long list of weapons and ammo with cost, you can prolly start with that.
  14. To make a custom weapons crate you can use script like this. @highhead: yea I disabled GTK and caching and didn't see much difference in performance except a bit more stable server FPS, will know more after our next big op. I'm guessing the caching will help more when using standard PO2 objectives (not dynamic) and/or editor-placed enemies for custom missions.
  15. I find that Dynamic enemies (CQB and Enpop) do help improve FPS quite a bit. Some players report even better performance when I disable AI caching with dynamic enemies but I must investigate more since I tend to mix up module settings alot. Anyone else tested using Dynamic enemies + NOU_cache vs Dynamic enemies and no caching? What would be the benefit of using a caching module in conjunction with fully Dynamic enemies?