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  1. good luck and sofar! good looking
  2. monkey!

    Car Radio

    hey all, when i place the module and put everything in the init i want to click ''ok'' but i get an message saying ''missing ]''
  3. finally someone is making warships! keep up the good work! (hope this doesnt die)
  4. i reinstalled arma 2 and operation arrowhead and its solved now im getting someother things but none wich are dangerous
  5. I have retail arma 2 and steam OA. I really shouldnt have bought this game on steam, but I couldnt find it anywhere in my local on launch day. Windows 7 64 bit E6750 HD 4870 2 x 2GB DDR3 RAM lol i have oa from the store and arma 2 from steam
  6. vista but im reinstalling operation arrowhead now
  7. i did im not that stupid....well i am but i did everything correct i think
  8. i get the same error Corrupted Memory #0 and i did what you said
  9. nope still doesnt work (the oa installere doesnt work)