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  1. hi guys, i've readed tons of postings, but i cant found a answer yet... plz excuse my english, i hope i can describe all of my problems exactly... i want to use the objectmapper with additional variables, i.e. "name object". i have found a expansion of the original objectmapper.sqf, that will do that the objects can now be named. it will works fine, but the only solution is a readout over a trigger or the global initialisation with the init.sqf. objectmapper.sqf /* Original Script objectMapper.sqf Author: Joris-Jan van 't Land * Edited by armatec * slightly edited by Onkel Bo Description: Takes an array of data about a dynamic object template and creates the objects. Parameter(s): _this select 0: compositions name - "fuelDepot_us" _this select 1: Direction in degrees - Number _this select 2: Location to start Exsample: ["fuelDepot_us", 0, getpos player] execVM "Createcomposition.sqf"; */ _script = _this select 0; _azi = _this select 1; _pos = _this select 2; _objs = []; _objs = call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers format ["camp%1.sqf",_script])); private ["_posX", "_posY"]; _posX = _pos select 0; _posY = _pos select 1; _newObjs = []; private ["_multiplyMatrixFunc"]; _multiplyMatrixFunc = { private ["_array1", "_array2", "_result"]; _array1 = _this select 0; _array2 = _this select 1; _result = [ (((_array1 select 0) select 0) * (_array2 select 0)) + (((_array1 select 0) select 1) * (_array2 select 1)), (((_array1 select 1) select 0) * (_array2 select 0)) + (((_array1 select 1) select 1) * (_array2 select 1)) ]; _result }; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _objs) - 1) do { private ["_obj", "_type", "_relPos", "_azimuth", "_fuel", "_damage","_vehicleinit","_newObj","_name","_action"]; _obj = _objs select _i; _type = _obj select 0; _relPos = _obj select 1; _azimuth = _obj select 2; if ((count _obj) > 3) then {_fuel = _obj select 3;}; if ((count _obj) > 4) then {_damage = _obj select 4;}; [color="Red"]if ((count _obj) > 5) then {_name = _obj select 5;};[/color] private ["_rotMatrix", "_newRelPos", "_newPos"]; _rotMatrix =[[cos _azi, sin _azi],[-(sin _azi), cos _azi]]; _newRelPos = [_rotMatrix, _relPos] call _multiplyMatrixFunc; private ["_z"]; if ((count _relPos) > 2) then {_z = _relPos select 2} else {_z = 0}; _newPos = [_posX + (_newRelPos select 0), _posY + (_newRelPos select 1), _z]; _newObj = _type createVehiclelocal _newPos; _newObj setDir (_azi + _azimuth); _newObj setPos _newPos; if (!isNil "_fuel") then {_newObj setFuel _fuel}; if (!isNil "_damage") then {_newObj setDamage _damage}; [color="Red"] if (!isNil "_name") then {_newObj setVehicleVarName _name; _newObj Call Compile Format ["%1=_this ; PublicVariable ""%1""",_name]};[/color] }; _newObjs = _newObjs + [_newObj]; with this array it is possible to define a object inside a composition, i.e. (scroll right): private ["_objs"]; _objs = [ ["Land_fortified_nest_small",[1.77271, -1.71191, 7.62939e-006], 263.392, 1, 0,[color="Red"]"NameObject"[/color]], ["UAZWreck",[1.18115,4.91626,3.24249e-005],139.163,1,0], ["Fort_Barricade",[-1.40137,-5.26758,5.72205e-006],350.09,1,0], ["UralWreck",[-6.27734,2.63623,3.8147e-005],53.5895,1,0], ["hiluxWreck",[-8.89136,-4.50879,1.52588e-005],338.377,1,0] ]; now i try to used it inside scripts (i want spawn compositions from mission to mission, and not trough a trigger or global init), but it won't work... i try this: _pos = getpos t1; _handle = ["camp1", 75, (_pos)] execVM "objectmapper.sqf"; true could anyone help me ? thx...
  2. thanks for help, but i do exactly what u say and have no effect ! still get in arma2 the error "corrupted memory" ! oa works fine... now i started a data verification over steam again, so i can reproduce the issue after beclientupdate to 1.145... edit : after updating beclient up to 1.145 i was kicked from server... corrupted memory...
  3. both tested... w and w/o overlay... no effect ! get the error "corrupted memory" on be required servers... but its only arma2, oa and co working fine !! hope u can fix it... nope, i used the correct version of be.. both for arma2 and oa in different folders like ur example ! i still get the error... until the be update 1.145 my installation worked fine and no reinstallation or something else takes any effect, after beclient is updated to 1.145 i get the error ! manually copy not working...
  4. and i have the steam version and get the corrupted memory issue...
  5. but it's only on arma2... oa and combined operations now worked fine... and i have a steam version, no dvd !!
  6. i have steam versions of arma2 and oa ! i cant play oa, because battleye initialization failed. the manually update of the be dll's didnt work in oa ! after updating arma2 beclient ingame upto 1.145 i got the message "corrupted memory" !! i bought yesterday oa via steam and since them i cant play any version online on battleye required server. installing arma2 or oa standalone without any effect. in arma2 i got the "corrupted memory" error after updating beclient and in oa i still failed of "battleye initialization" !! whtas happend ? - oa standalone works now (after re-verification of install), but i still got in arma2 the error "corrupted memory" !!!