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  1. Commonplace

    Is the community able to help?

    This might sound like an provocative question, but we all know that even BIS has limited ressources in one area or another. Is the community able to help? E.g. Smaller teams, like the ones from Ground Branch, or the developers of the Project Reality retail game are sometimes holding contests which lets the community actively bring the creation of the game further. Contests are held like "Make a 3d model of a Lada vehicle and we'll include the best of it in the game" or "Can you help us research the late 80' equipment of the russian speznas?". The community as helping hand instead of only a feature requester. Do you think that is feasible?
  2. Commonplace


    ArmA 2 added sweat to the game, means not only is your aim shaky when exercising, your screen turns blurry as well. Evem after 'relatively' short sprints, your characters vision starts to blur, but we have to keep in mind that he has a lot of weight worth of equipment on him. Combined with the "combat stress" (bullets impacting next to you impact your vision as well), the screen is sometimes nearly constantly blurred. Do you cheer for it or not?
  3. Commonplace

    Opportunities for rest ?

    I dont think that is possible but ie you could let the computer run and go outside/ work and some back. Press o for watch, so you know the actual time (which is measured in real life seconds)
  4. I know it sounds weird but here is my explanation: A lot of people want more. Feature requests threads are quelling over because of too much demands and people want to have a lot of stuff. But every feature incoperated (more modules, destructable environment in stages etc.) adds more traffic to the broadband connection which in turn creates more lag for players. Would you sacrifice features in order to have less of lag (how much is not defined) or are you all for features, because the editor is the most important that matters?
  5. Commonplace

    Density of the forrests

    First of all, I am sorry but I do not know much about the greek islands. One thing from OFP to ArmA 2 have been the density of the forrests. In the past it made perfect sense, due to hardware constraint. But I remember that the density of the forrests in each iteration of the series increased, e.g. the woods in ArmA II are more dense (filled with trees) than the woods in Armed Assault and the way around. Can we expect (I am not talking about real life density) an increase in tree density again?
  6. I have a question: In OFP I remember the part of the body I hit with my gun was clearly red. E.g. I shoot at the head and the head changes to damage textures ONLY, not with the leg or other party of the body. Now it seems to be off some times, e.g. I shoot at the head and the legs are portrayed with damage textures too. So my question is, is it just me or are else experiencing this very problem too, is the accuracy of the damage textures off?
  7. Hello, at the moment if you place a fireplace in the editor and let it burn, it does even burn while it's raining, disregarding the rain drops. It would be nice if the fire is going out then, this would make the game more playable.
  8. Commonplace

    Indicator (vehicles)

    Hello, The AI drives unpredictable. So why don't add an easy solution which is realistic as well? I think this game would benefit if vehicles had indicators. So if the AI truck decides to change the lane once again, you'll be prepared and have a chance to react. It would have saved me requesting repairs for m damaged vehicle, numerous times and I don't see it being a major workload.
  9. Pizzagun, kifflom and other stuff missing in this thread!
  10. Commonplace

    DC3 from Queen's Gambit???

    The "Iranian Forces Mod" has a fully functional DC-3 (from QG) in ArmA 2 / Operation Arrowhead. Search for it.
  11. Commonplace

    Ordering your AI to walk?

    To make AI walk slow, order them to stand up (7->6) and set their behaviour to stealth.
  12. Commonplace

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Probably, only in a modern version.
  13. Commonplace

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Its written , with a marked n, right.N is the 14th letter of the alphabet and stands for snake. After the greek, the Etruscan civilization took over the letter and it was based in what we call Italy nowdays. I think we can expect italian forces alongside greek collegeous in the next installment.
  14. Hello, I might be new to addonmaking but I try myself out.(thanks for Sgt. Aces tutorial) I am currently trying to recreate an South Korean / Chinese like island, complete with such objects. I am not very far yet but its progressing.
  15. Hi guys, today I've listened to a presentation of a team of programmers and they were talking about how they managed it to produce an theoretial indefinite amount of grass by using the DX10 features, namely the Geometryshader. A Geometry shader is able to procedualy genetared 3d "geometry". Its fast and runs effectively on the GPU. They made a sphere with grass and 5.000.000 vertixes and ran it smooth. Would you load 5.000.000 vertixes in e.g. 3ds Max, the program would probably stutter. Why does it lag in 3ds Max? Because the data has to be fed in the application. Its like the application feeds the GPU. But with the shader, the GPU feeds itself. There is also a downside though, its the collision because its not able to import a collision model. For grass it wouldn't matter though but for trees. This could be fixed by coding the collision informations into the terrain maps. You don't have to necessarily create textures. There is a terraingroundtexture and the RGB colorinformations In FX Composer Procedural They have yet to manage it to produce lag by this indefinite amount of grass.