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  1. malchikyij

    Predator Mod

    bloody hell I didn't expect this predator mod to be so awesome!! I thought it would just be some new models and weapons and nothing more. Instead it's like a completely different game now! I'm suprised many of the features of the mod (cloaking, laser sights) work very well and even the AI plays well against it. I'm loving the vision modes, shame about the FLIR issue but it's easy to pick up humans from the background funnily enough. Perhaps there's a way that when you press the vision mode button, all human character's textures change to plain white so with the vision mode, they'll stand out even more like cheap heatvision? just a thought, it'll probaly bug the game up (I remember in Op.flash when you switched night vision on and off you can see objects light up for a split second probaly have the same effect here). Have to say brilliant mod and it's great to see the capabilities of the engine, especially as something other than a military simulator. looking forward to future releases and development :D
  2. It's a very nice mod and makes a brilliant change from the default weapon sounds, however personally I find the sound variations are too drastically different to each other, especially when comparing full auto to single shot sonds. Some sounds are bassy, others are more echoey. Maybe it would be better to have the soundfiles sound alike to each other and also get rid of the full auto echoes (sometimes firing single shots in full auto mode and getting a burst echo feedback is really weird). Just a suggestion, brilliant sound mod otherwise definately staying activated!