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  1. very good! And an Italian police pack??? :) with the SWAT unit NOCS and GIS??? http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/9103/nocsbigvk5.jpg
  2. delta90

    RH wip thread

    Hi robert! :) To satisfy everybody can you put the normal aimpoint on the para version?? if you want also on the other MK versions. For example the Italian SF use a lot the aimpoint on LMG... see these http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/9691/76858.jpg http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/5240/31871132641004626314112.jpg they use aimpoint also on the M60E4! :)
  3. delta90

    RH wip thread

    Hi! I'm another fan of your works :) You can use the MK18 camo.... it's very dirty and realistic! :) In the new HK416 pack, can you put also the vertical grip plaese??? Then I've a suggestion for your M203 for M4: today's M203 (like the BIS) is too short respect the M203 that you put in the M4/M4A1/MK18. Anyway, your weapons are cool and perfect! ;) Keep it up!!!!! ps: sorry for the bad english!
  4. delta90

    Rasman Joint Use Airfield

    Hi! have you used a tool to place the objects???
  5. Hi everybody! :) I've got a problem with the IR LASER and the WEAPONS LIGHTS mounted on the default rifles (FN Scar, M4). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I push "L" again and again but the light doesn't often turn on.. I've also tried to change the key but nothing happens.. What might be the problem? Ps: I haven't mods mounted in the game. thanks!!! :)