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    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Having a great time with this campaign. Thank you for making it!
  2. Yes, but I like to think this "zoom without opticals" represents the way our brains/eyes focus in real life when we look intensely at one spot (as in sighting a weapon). Also, given that computer monitors lack the resolution we'd have in real life and make it even harder to spot distant targets, having the bit of zoom helps compensate for that.
  3. Great tip!! I'll give it a try (They're probably pinned down and that's why they won't obey. I'm a bad squad leader to have gotten my men into this ambush into the first place :-( We've already lost one man. But if they could just run to this retreat spot I selected, they might get away without further losses.)
  4. But then when I tell them the spot, they do nothing.
  5. Team command question: Sometimes I get ahead or behind my squad (not in visual contact) and when I order them to a map point or to return to formation, they reply "Where are you?" How do I respond with my location? I can't find a command that reports where I am. What do I do to get them to move to me or to the point? They just stay in place and seem lost or pinned down. I want them to move to me because I've found a good covered flanking position. If I pop up and try to go back to them, I expose myself to more fire.
  6. Wow! Sounds like just what the combat doctor ordered. But a tech question: Would installing the ACE2 mod wreck my ability to play I44 (since I44 doesn't support that)? Or is there some sort of 'mod manager" utility that lets me swap out addons like ACE2 on the fly, depending on whether I'm playing I44, OA, A2, CO, etc?
  7. My challenges right now are in using High Command. Tips appreciated. I'm comfortable with the basic SHIFT + LMB to get the High Command unit bar, placing waypoints on the map, and in getting the detailed command window to come up for high command using Backspace. But the orders available to me seem pretty limited (waypoints or general combat modes). How, for example, do I make a team (not my team) in High Command board a vehicle? I've tried setting a waypoint for it that's over a vehicle, right-clicking on the waypoint, and then under "type" setting it to "load" or "embark" but it seems to do nothing. Do I have to team-switch into another team to command it, and then use the regular command menu to do those sorts of things? Also: I want to make a battle plan using waypoints for all my high command units - synchronizing their advance. In editor, it's possible to laterally link waypoints for different units so one unit will wait until the other unit has reached its waypoint. That allows you to create "phase lines" for an operation. But in-game, I don't think this function exists as a map command. So what's the best way to get all your units moving intelligently so you don't habe to micro-manage?
  8. I speak only for myself (as we all should), but can someone explain the difference of Co-Op, PVP, etc? Personally, I'm only interested in realism play where everyone forms squads, agrees on a commander, and tries to cooperate and use realistic tactics. Without that, all multiplayer sites quickly degenerate into run-and-gun free-for-alls, where players act like Rambo and usually die quickly. Seems fun at first, but the chaos quickly gets boring and ruins the experience very quickly. I know there are "clans" that exist for realism play, but I find many of them too formal and too demanding of time commitment (just being in them requires all sorts of boot camps and training and drills and regular game nights where attendance is taken, etc.) Sheesh!! So, is there any place where reasonable (but bloodthirsty) adults interested in WWII can play I44 against real opponents and enjoy a good simulation of battlefield conditions? Seems like the creators of this mod went to great lengths to make it authentic, so playing it in an online looney bin would seem to defeat the whole purpose.
  9. Ok, so where and when can we play this baby in multiplayer online? Kellys heroes server looks great, but no one there. Are there other server sites or meeting places where it's possible to find live opponents? I'm in Pacific Time Zone USA.
  10. Newbie boot camp question: On the shooting range in boot camp, I do fine with pistol and M16 but can't get past the M249 SAW station -- can't seem to hit a thing! I fire from kneeling position, as directed. I fire through the sight (without RMB click to hold breath/zoom, otherwise I can't traverse fast enough to hit the pop-up targets). I fire short bursts, aiming for the center of mass of each trio of targets. But the muzzle climb on the SAW is wicked. So I try aiming low, for the sandbags, and to allow for muzzle climb. Should I do the opposite and aim a little high to allow for the distance, more like spraying a garden hose over a wall to some flowers on the far side? Any other SAW tips that will get me past this #@$% station? (My DI is getting very impatient with me!)
  11. Yes, both my Arma 2 and OA are from Steam. But they installed into two separate directories. Now what do I need to do to have one path that gives me the "Combined Ops" option? (I already had Arma 2, then bought Combined Ops. Steam didn't give me any option for the installation path, just two checkboxes, one to install Arma 2 and one to install OA. I checked only OA, since I already had Steam's Arma 2. But Steam installed OA in its own directory, separate from Arma 2, and there's nothing called "Combined Ops" that I can see).
  12. Let me get this straight: I had vanilla Arma2 with I44 mod. Last night I bought Combined Ops on Steam. At download, it gave me checkboxes allowing the option of downloading Arma2, Operation Arrowhead, or both. Since I had Arma2 already, I checked only OA. Now I have three separate icons on my desktop (OA, Arma2, I44). Did I do something wrong? Should I uninstall everything and re-download OA and Arma2 together? Does that make a difference? ---------- Post added at 07:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:30 PM ---------- In other words, even though I bought Combined Ops there's nothing on my computer or shortcut icons that actually says "Combined Ops."
  13. That's beyond my skills at this point, but thanks. Other question: I bought ArmA 2 to play the I44 mod, and it's so great that now I want CO so I'm ready for the next mod version. I guess I should have gotten CO to start with (cheaper that way). But if I buy and download/install CO now, will it wreck my I44 installation in some way? Or does it install without messing up the existing files? ---------- Post added at 05:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:16 PM ---------- The paler color scheme for I44 is growing on me -- reminds me of the look of the good old "Brothers In Arms" series, which I loved. With apologies to Robert E. Lee, "War mustn't look too pretty, else we should grow too fond of it."
  14. The colors and sturation of my screen seen oddly pale and washed out in I44, compared to vanilla ArmA 2. If I launch "boot camp" from within the I44 mod, everything is nice and colorful. But in I44 it looks washed out. Was this a deliberate design decision to make it look "older" in time period? Or is something funny happening with my video? In the opening menu screen (the one withe various animations going on behind it), I sometimes see everything colorful for just an instant before the pale effect kicks in. Readjusting my gamma and brightness have no effect on this -- they just make the video lighter or darker or more/less contrasty but it's always still pale. Suggestions?
  15. Never mind -- got it sorted. ---------- Post added at 09:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:23 AM ---------- So, should I let Steam auto-update ArmA2? Once I had 1.07 installed, I had it set not to allow auto-updates for fear of breaking the mod.