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  1. I remember using PINs and I could use the camera mode in any plane in any server, I downloaded the latest patch and now I am unable to use the camera, I read the readme file and now I have to activate it, why this change?
  2. Well, I've been playing CTI (Capture The Island) before 1.55 came and since then I cannot play CTI, it comes with a debug message telling me something about the town initialization and then disconnects me, any way to fix this? I have Steam version and playing on Combined Ops
  3. I use patch 1.55 on Comb Ops and do not own BAF, I don't know what has to do BAF with this problem... I got the chance to enter one server, but then I left it and couldn't join other servers...
  4. Hello, I've been having this issue since I downloaded patch 1.55, each time I try to log in to any server in the multiplayer, after loading, it takes me back to the server selection menu, it is not because I'm being kicked from servers since it happens to me in any server.