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  1. Okay, another epic moment. We were playing Fallujah map with the same gang as usual. Our mission was to take over the airfield. About 2 km before airfield, our linebaker was busted and we all died. Well after we all respawned back to base there were complications.. we were all on fire!! Guys scream and moan and then died again. After huge laughter we respawned again. Guess what...we were on fire!! LOL Only way to stop that was to disconnect..
  2. Guys seem to have fun playing Arma2 :)
  3. It's all about great moments! That's why i've been playing the series since Flashpoint. We got this small squad with few "old-skool" players and bunch of newbies. It's just plain fun to see them doing all dopey stuff. Like driving in the middle of enemy squad, killing few by driving over them then surviving trough the intense firing. More stories please, they are fun to read!
  4. I was wondering has anyone ever started thread like this? I did a little search but didn't found anything. If one exists be free to delete this. Last week i had my first real EPIC moment. I've been playing this series since Flashpoint and there's been dozens of funny moments but let's concentrate on the newest one, ARMA2. I was playing ACE Domination with few other Finnish players and our plan was to move MHQ by chopper near main mission. I went inside MHQ and colleague took the chopper. We flied about 2 mins and then begin the triple A. Few secs after that Mi-24 was after us. Our skillfull pilot managed to drop me right on time, except the MHQ dropped on its side. Luckily rocket fired from Mi24 flipped it back on track :) Mi24 made several attempts to destroy MHQ, missing it always by few meters. Chinook was hovering over us and it was also taking damage and it was without gunner. I got only M4 and one LAW. Chopper was closing in for a final attack. I saw the rockets blazing towards me. I took the LAW and aimed. What are the odds to hit moving chopper flying in 100m altitude with anti-tank missile? Well against all odds, i hit it and danger was eliminated. MHQ and chinook was saved! That was the EPIC moment, here comes the funny After saving MHQ, another team mate was driving Stryker to main target. He drove it uphill and it also flipped on its side. There goes our heavy armour support. I suggested that i'll give a little push with MHQ. After taking some speed i hit the stryker but suddenly it disappeared. Nanosecond after that i hear loud "WHAT THE F**K?" from my headset. I turned my head on the game and saw stryker flying in the air over the nearest mountain. Guess that push was a little too much. After its "maiden flight" we decieded to give another push (it was still sideways). The unusual sight has woken enemy and we engaged dozen of infantry while laughing our asses off. Next attempt was succes but with very strange way. I hit the stryker with MHQ but this time stryker only flew straight up about 10m and MHQ rose up 2m and did 360degree turn and landed. Quite realistic dont you think? After alternating physics, the MHQ and Stryker were Ok and ready for battle. Rest is history. So please tell me your epic and funny moments!