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  1. Hi, after downloading whole CC exe thru sprocket. I tried to install it 1st time i got error CRC Does not match. So i tried to run it like Admin without any success. So i thought to download it again. But apparently it didnt helped and i got still same error trying to install game. I tried to install it from different drives without any succes. Also after moving install exe on different drive i hadnt even permision to run it. Any ideas where can be problem? Win 7 pro Only one user created with full admin rights no other accounts here ty
  2. amd phenom x4 965 4gb ram geforce gtx480 win 7 pro 64bit that hotfix which i installed was link from here somewhere on forums on microsoft site. i cant find exact name of that hotfix or at least i dont know which one is correct but some catalogue number is 983615 and i am was trying to run domination with revive without ACE arma version till today was 1.55 that last one which was buggy on start but seems like its updating todaypn 1.56. so i will try that new one later on if it will be doing same shit
  3. hi i have problems with dedicated server which i am trying to run on my pc. pc is quite strong couse its new machine and server is stable till more then 2 people are connected on it, after when we playing on that server like 3 or 4 ppl server automaticly crashes after hour and half. i also tried that windows hotfix and it didnt helped.but when i am was running server ingame everything was ok and server didnt crashed for like 2 days. somebody can me point where is prob ? i used that server settings which are on 1st page in this thread
  4. juicer

    Server Issues help please

    hi i recently tried to run dedicated server at home. and i followed wikis advises how to run it and everything is fine except same thing that it crash allways after hour and half here is link for crash files. http://www.uloz.to/6734448/arma-2-oa-7z plz can u point me whats wrong somebody ?
  5. yes everything is where it should be also battleye dll in user/appdata have same size like battleye dll in arma folders
  6. i tried to run it via administrator. still same battleye is not working
  7. i am allways like admin logged in shouldnt be prob there. and i manualy tried to update battleye too didnt helped even when i tried files which bettleye have on their official sites
  8. hm didnt helped so far when i check BAF in steam for update history its blank, so i uninstalled it,nothing. i also installed that battleye which u provided. but seems like steam have some problem with updating battleye on arma2 its unavailable.
  9. hi guys, after that last update on new version i cant connect on most of server. some are not accesable couse of new version and from other ones i get automaticly kicked out. i tried to reinstall battle eye it didnt helped. where can be problem?