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  1. Are you sure the aircraft speeds are in metric? The A-10 is supposed to top out at 450 kts and that would mean the thing is only flying at 300 max. I always did wonder who the idiot was who put everything in metric when the US Military uses imperial measurements. I also can't understand how it's so hard for them to make aircraft that behave right. If you can't do super realistic aircraft physics, even a kindergartner could figure out that you just use simplified and easy arcade physics. ---------- Post added at 03:01 ---------- Previous post was at 03:00 ---------- It may well be that the speed is in metric but that doesn't explain why the plane does not accelerate when throttled to full if the nose is even slightly up.
  2. Having spent my fair share of time playing MSFS, I can't recall even the Cessna losing speed at full throttle at a 10 degree angle of attack. But the jet-powered A-10 seems to sink, stall, and slog. Is that really how they fly or a glitch? It's caused me to die countless times.
  3. I'm certainly not going to try and contest the definition of a bug. Whatever the proper term me be, it's a gross design faux pas. If the reloading of an anti-tank round is indeed that slow, it should be designed into the game as the intent is realism. But if the game takes liberties with reality to make it a little easier, that doesn't mean it ought to sacrifice realism elsewhere to make it harder.
  4. How is that not a bug? A decrease in realism that increases difficulty is by definition a bug.
  5. I was hiding behind a brick fence on one of the terraced blocks of Paraiso and firing at a tank. I wanted to reload prone while hiding behind the bricks, but when I hit the reload button my character lazily got up like he was taking his midmorning dump before he even finished reloading was lying dead thanks to machinegun fire. Where can I find a patch for this glaring bug?
  6. Dongolev

    The hotel. No lights at night? Really??

    All the hotels look the same. And there are no special modules. I'm not talking about external lights but the ones inside.
  7. Come on... that's just sloppy.
  8. There's no history given for this island despite the fact that it must be interesting. After all, there are cities with Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and... Mayan(!) names. I like my fictional worlds to be detailed.
  9. Dongolev

    Arma Low End?

    The real question is why you'd want to play this game with such a weak machine. I can't imagine it being even remotely fun. You'd have a slow frame-rate and horrible resolution.
  10. 1) Why does the Prince speak without a Spanish accent? 2) Why does the Prince's intelligence adviser have a southern gentleman accent? 3) Why does your character suddenly speak with a Spanish accent in the TV station level? 4) Why are your characters still holding their weapons in full combat dress when they are leaving the island? They don't even have them slung over their shoulder! 5) Why do enemy soldiers shout in unaccented English? This also applies to the original game. I know video games are not known for their voice acting or brilliant dialogue but this is ridiculous. There seems to be at least one misspelling in every scene. Who lets this crap through anyway?
  11. As you may remember in Flashpoint, when you kill Guba, you get to return to the island to see it at peace. Is there a hidden level like this in ArmA?
  12. Dongolev

    Any fix for enemies super night vision?

    No freaking kidding. This game has some of the sloppiest AI I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The enemies have magic abilities while your own team are so mind-numbingly stupid that, for instance, one guy just lay prone for no apparent reason (he was alive and uninjured) despite me issuing several orders to stand up and get in the truck. How is it that Half-Life, created 12 years ago, has better AI than this?
  13. I'm on the mission "The Great Battle" and there are all sorts of enemies firing at me. Why is my gunner not targeting and firing missiles at them? Is this a bug and if so where can I find the patch? ---------- Post added at 10:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 PM ---------- Oh, also, the helicopter does not climb. Even when I hold down "Q" it just plummets to the earth. It also does not pull out of a dive. Do helicopters really fly like this or is this a bug?
  14. Dongolev

    Where can I find patches for the following bugs?

    Night vision goggles create a visual representation of infrared light. Infrared light comes from any entity that generates heat. Guess what humans do that plants, sand, and tents do not.
  15. 1) Night vision does not really work. Humans are supposed to show up as bright green and they are barely visible at all. 2) Planes barely fly. And I can't find a way to hold the throttle in place. 3) If I create a mission with me as the driver of a Stryker, I can't turn out for some odd reason. 4) If I hit a helicopter on the ground with an AT4, somehow the pilot walks out completely unscathed. I'm sure there are many more but these are just the ones I've noticed so far.