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  1. Hey all, I've been playing Arma 3 with a small group of friends but due to it being unfinished we're going to give Arma 2 a go. We all have A2 + Arrowhead. What is a good setup for just a group of 4 or so of us to play the game? Are the default missions good? The other question is, is ACE worth installing and using for a small group of us, or should we stick to the default content? Thanks.
  2. I'm away from home at the moment and won't be with my system for a few days so thought I'd ask to see opinions! Thanks for the replies guys. I'll probably hold off for now.
  3. Hi all, I played the alpha upon release but had extremely erratic performance on my decent gaming rig. I understand of course that this is to be expected, but I have quite limited time so didn't want to spend a lot of it bug hunting (I purchased the alpha just as a way to support devs early on). Has the performance come very far from the beginning of alpha, or are the real optimisations expected in Beta? Thank you.
  4. I spent 4 years in 2PWRR infantry battalion and it was shite (not all of it) - spent my time either too hot or too cold. Seriously, if you lot want realism play with your feet in a bucket of icy water for hours on end, or alternatively sit on a radiator and sweat your balls off over the pc. who cares about fatigue, it's the battle simulation we're after...you can't simulate the kind of fatigue a soldier faces in a game so it's not worth trying to do so with silly effects. Even 12 hour marathons of battlefield 3 don't compare with a 48 hour trench building exercise! On a serious note, if you want ultra realism try running on a treadmill whenever you move in game. I've started doing that with a hairdryer blowing on me in a desert climates, the realism is second to none but my heating bill is fucked
  5. Hi, For me, smooth fps is more important than eye candy - my PC is: core i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz NVidia GTX 660 ti 2gb 8GB ddr 3 ram at 1333mhz Solid state drive Due to monitor size I'll run the game at 1920-1200. I'm not really bothered about maxing with all the eye candy, but do you think this system can run a consistent 40fps at med to high?
  6. Do we have any idea how realistic the model will be? Rotor Vortex Ring State, auto rotate, getting rid of the god awful rudder dynamics in Arma 2? Any idea how far off the level of DCS quality the FMs in ToH are?
  7. Hey all, As the topic states really - do we have roughly any idea how frequent patches will come out? Not an issue if it's once every 2 months or once a week, I'm just curious. Cheers
  8. Conure

    my review of ARMA 3 ALPHA

    You're right - it is the best game in ARMA 3 series!
  9. Conure

    We need this to be optimized.

    The problem with these conversersations is that a lot of us were used to the days of PC gaming with a good PC = 60fps. People come along and say "it runs just fine" then going on to say "I'm getting 35-40fps on ultra". If you're only getting 35-40 fps on ultra, lower your settings because your FPS is laughably low. I honestly have no idea how these people perceive the world, must be the same lot that say 30 fps is the highest the eye can see, completely unable to determine any difference between 30 and 60 fps... I agree OP - for those of us not satisfied with a glorified slide slow, this game needs optimising.
  10. I really hope so! I have an i5 2500k at 4.2ghz which isn't the newest and fast by any means but I think it's still an okay CPU. It does seem to be my cpu holding me up though as I have a gtx 660ti and whether graphics are high or low there is no difference. Maybe I will have to get a new CPU in a few months.
  11. Hello all, I don't have much experience with alpha or beta software, though I did play the DCS A10 beta. There were a few bugs in that that made the fps go down by a lot, which were eventually ironed it. Is it possible the same will happen here? I have a quite good pc but sometimes my FPS drops a lot, just wondering whether to expect any improvement in frame rate as the alpha and beta progresses, or is the performance now roughly what to expect? Thank you
  12. I took your advice of experimenting, opened up a big outdoor forets mission full of grass and played around. I found that I can have everything high and object detail to low, and get very smooth fps and it looks great. It doesnt drop below 35fps which I believe for Arma is completely acceptable. (What's what I've heard, at least)
  13. Hey there, sorry I think you misunderstood me! I can play the game at max with grass off (disabled through a mod) yet with lowest graphics and grass on, when I zoom in the game is unplayable. basically, the grass is having a huge huge effect on my FPS - is this normal??
  14. Hey all, First of all I just bought the game + OA + the BAF DLC. Played it in a 30 or so man platoon online last night, and it was the most atmospheric game I've ever played. I didn't think DCS A-10 could be beaten for pure atmosphere, but this has done it... The problem is, we played a big grassy map and whenever I zoomed down my scope the FPS dropped to at most 6...It was unplayable. With grass on the game runs significantly worse. I can turn all graphics up to max and play it at about 45fps, turn on grass and the fps doesn't just drop, the game feels more jittery. So I disabled grass and suddenly (with the rest on medium) I'm getting flawless fps. Is this normal? If so I don't understand how people play on maps with so much grass! My PC isn't too bad...specs are Core i5 760 @ 3ghz 6gb DDR3 ram @ 1300mhz GTX 460 SE 1gb Playing at 1900-1200. I will post up a video of nobody has any ideas, to see what you all think. thanks very much for reading :)
  15. Hi guys, I just bought Arma 2 OA and the British addon. Looking for a group of people to play with. Looking for realism and team work! Also play the DCS flight simulations so I am quite capable of bringing a bit of "virtual professionalism" along :D I believe I'm a nice guy (will let you be the judge) and have also served in the PWRR regiment of the British Army (Infantry) for four years. Please PM me if you'd like to know more :)