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    Female Soldier (beta wip)

    so.....it'smen with fammele head? American wife :D
  2. Buy dvd version and tell this to steam if you ll have luck and you finde way how to contact them in my case i use paypal for pay metode also im now about apply to give me money back for product no working
  3. U-nono

    Impact effect

    in a Joint operation gaem of novalogic editor is a supert realiste effect of impact projectiles on vehicules ex. when you shot with at4 on apc apc get shock and move little be if you want watching this you see two tanks on hill getting shot and you ll see effect of impact and velocity arma2 is very realiste also this should be in! all best nono
  4. when walk or run at rock stones player froze in hoping bugg and sometimes get hurt dirty bugg
  5. there is new driver from nvidia 260 from 2010/10/18 http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us fps 54 /s 1920x1080 very high all best nono
  6. do not use ati card for this game or whatever game only NVIDIA are full compatible as from Point of view manufacture for this game you need two card 1 for binares 3d grafic calcules 2 for physix (explosion, wind matters, grass move ect.) actualy for less bugget are 465 gtx if you have money take 470 or 480 all best nono
  7. HI THERE very bad bugg even after updating via Stream when you try build moratr and you have to drop in a specific placement you...jump in sky and fall and die........... I can make video of this if it help but im sure many others players have same pb all best nono