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  1. Mirapa

    ArmA Tactics on PC in Steam?

    It should be fixed for just released version. There were issue with detection of virtual joysticks used by some advanced controller devices.
  2. Hi there, you are probably also watching Steam forums so you should be able to see our responses. We are doing our best to cover GooglePlay/iTunes/Steam forums/Facebook/support email. In all this we are working hard to improve current version, finish additional campaign so I really do not think that devs are lazy.
  3. Mirapa

    Line of sight bug

    We will look into it. But please take into consideration that the cover in the game is just enhancing the percentage of probability to not be hit but you still could be hitted.
  4. Mirapa

    No more actions?

    Are you playing beta 1.2487 ? We are putting quicker answers at Steam forums.
  5. Does it happening even on the latest 1.2487 ?
  6. We have been working hard to fix iOS version asap we have noticed this issue. The approval process at Apple took 8 days. Current online version should be fine.
  7. For all Samsung devices it should available through SamsungApps soon as it is just waiting for Samsung approval right now. There is already non-THD version out but just for several tablets opened. We are still working on optimization to allow it on more devices. I expect to have it opened in two weeks for the most of nowdays phones/tablets.
  8. Mirapa

    Tutorial misson

    Sorry for this issue, unfortunately happened that Sony is not giving back exact chipset name we require to run. Should be fixed in upcoming patch (in 2-3 days).
  9. Mirapa

    Anyone try the Android version?

    We have direct access for updating the non THD version. I suggest non THD. ---------- Post added at 17:44 ---------- Previous post was at 17:42 ---------- We hope to allow more device in two weeks.
  10. Mirapa

    Anyone try the Android version?

    Non-THD version is out - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ideagames.a2fr - it supports 573 Android devices - minimum 2.2 / API level: 8-16+ / Supported screens: small-xlarge / OpenGL textures: all Version is free to try - including 1 firing range, 3 weapons and 3 levels in career mode. You can get more content by InApp purchase for 1,99 USD. There is no Tegra/Nvidia logo in non-THD version. If you experience any issue please let us know. We will try to address it in next version.
  11. Mirapa

    iPhone variant?

    Sorry this is completely solved by Apple/iTunes and we can do nothing about this. ---------- Post added at 10:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:32 AM ---------- We have followed the mainstream for iOS so there is Gamecentre. Anyway we could reconsider OpenFeint for future updates. ---------- Post added at 10:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:34 AM ---------- Career reset is on the list for the next update. We will look into your crash - what firmware do you have? ---------- Post added at 10:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:37 AM ---------- Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunatelly leaderboard reset is quite complicated on the Apple side. We will see what we can do. Tilt could be inverted in options. We will think about Gyro extra feature for the update. So far we are trying to deliver the same version for iOS and Android.
  12. Mirapa

    Anyone try the Android version?

    Hi guys, Non-Tegra version is already prepared including new career mode and additional firing range. We only have to work around the fact that Google is not supporting selling apps from Czech Republic. We hope to solve it in January.
  13. Mirapa

    Arma 2 : Firing Range - err-0-115-0-113

    Hello, it looks like some problem with install directory. Please try to reinstall, if this will not help, get in touch again.
  14. Mirapa

    iPhone variant?

    * iOS version will be definetely supported from 3GS. There could be performance issue for the lower device. * Resolution is optimized for iPAD. Stay tuned - it will be out in 2 months.
  15. Mirapa

    Anyone try the Android version?

    Initially it is exclusively available through Tegra Zone http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-zone.html for 2 months. Afterwards for other Android devices and iOS also. We are thinking about PC version running on FB or web browser. There is already new version 1.01 with Nvidia where is additional option to switch on/off Openfeint. Should be updated very soon on the market. We are currently also experiencing problems with downloads directly from TegraZone. It is possible to buy directly from PC once you have attached Tegra 2 device to google account. We are pushing the fix as we can.