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    in my dedi server i set GL4 and zeus bots call reinforce heavy tech - tanks and btr etc. and its start very hard to play.
  2. Bers40k

    CO16 Insurgency

    Oden? how long destroed car revive in your mission?
  3. Bers40k

    CO16 Insurgency

    wait a minute pls. my english bad. i mean how long destroed car revive in base?
  4. Bers40k

    CO16 Insurgency

    may i ask about car revive? how time it revive?
  5. Bers40k

    Fallujah City

    after 1.56 i have error in fallujah Cannot open object ca\plants2\bush\b_betulahumilis.p3d
  6. some happen in winXP 32bit
  7. Bers40k

    Fallujah City

    no server key in arhive pls fix it.