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  1. Never seen this bug before today after that OA beta patch was updated on Play withSix, so I'm thinking BI changed how binocs are handeled or something, and apparently there is according to the changelog. Thought someone should know incase this hasn't been reported yet. Was playing Ace earlier after updating to official OA beta patch 97448, and I had flir mode or whatever it's called on other non flir binocs and even non flir scoped weapons at random after using the portable flir binocs from OA.
  2. Alyosha

    VOIP issue in MP

    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then this may not be an issue. I have a Creative X-Fi Pro soundcard, and used the accompanying Controll Launcher to set up recording device. Teamspeak 3 worked, but VoIP in ArmA 2 didn't. This is easily solved in Windows 7: Right-click sound mixer and click recording devices. Set microphone as standard. VoIP now works in ArmA 2. Unlike the sound mixer in Windows XP, Creative Controll Launcher software apparently isn't syncronized in Windows 7. Regards, Alyosha.
  3. Nice effort to you and your cooperative circle of friends, Viking_NFS! Got a question, as a fellow Norwegian: Judging from the presentation in the initial release thread, presumably written by you, can one further assume, in terms of future development, that you are the lone facilotator for the NorFor Project?