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  1. Pantheraguy

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    how about progress? me still needing it.
  2. Pantheraguy

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    ++ Push ++ Me waiting also for your upgrate to ArmA III. Simply loved your AII version!
  3. Pantheraguy

    RQ-11 Raven A

    Yap, true. I agree to that. Guess, decreasing the blurry rate a bit won't change the Raven Project way apart from the main thing.
  4. Pantheraguy

    RQ-11 Raven A

    How about "don't tell my Daddy I got lost, he's gonna be here shortly" or "I'm not playing with strangers" ... I admire how fast you add the battery modules beside a lot of other wishes. but one thing still worries me, was the view quality in your last vid. It seems to be still quite blurry. I guess it's intended to be close to real FPV aerial optics. The downside is the depreciation of the viewers pleasure while watching a big fight from distance. This joy by reducing little of the "real Raven optics looklike-filter thing" would be fine, until you'll release it shortly. that'll make it complete for spectating
  5. Pantheraguy

    RQ-11 Raven A

    Hi Feint, hope it's oke to ask you about visual improvements found it's place in v1.2 regarding the blurriness factor. I personally would prefer a less blurry optic more, to enjoy and observe distant fights from above. :don3: I Love your addon!
  6. Yeaai! Thanks Alex72. Manage to use it now! [execVM Very Happy!] :o
  7. Hello tpw! I am very interested in your "house lights Simple script". Unfortunately I have no idea how to run scripts at all. :386: Would it be possible, to upload a short example mission within you did use the script? Located in the great Aliabad-Region. Then I could peek out how to run scripts at all . Thanks for the script and for your help!
  8. Need to know.. since the Project doesn't seem to get continued. if it is possible to use the GUI with its funktions separately for each running game. how do I get it separate from the VSTMissions it runs in. I want to use it as a mod funktion .pbo file. and start it "@-ed" with the game just like "lokis mod" for example. So I can choose "T" from action menu in every match and bring up the GUI whenever I want and need to. Hope I can find some Help
  9. ..mmh ya thats what I thought. But how do I get rid of the registry mark to decrypt a VST-Mission first - in order to get in touch with the mission.sqm via cpbo? EDIT: pboView did it.
  10. Uhh ! I love my favorite Toy! BUT is it possible to add Game-Logic's like the "NIM Dynamic Weather" or "Thirsk Weather" to have some snow falling down while VST-Playing? I just want to add snowfall in my missions. How can I do that?