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  1. It would be great if there was a fast walk in between the walk or run toggle. The walk is fine for clearing but sometimes you need a little spurt of speed while still being able to point your rifle forward.

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Not sure if its been said but animations for the rear door opening/closing on APC's would be great (instead of magically warping into the back, it will add a lot to atmosphere). The driver should be able to open/close using the menu
  3. +1 I think giving the player an option at least to go to a fortified base/HQ or not would be great. I inserted with the boat and set it to overwatch quite far out while I took out a beach camp, an enemy tank and infantry re-attacked which was a surprise. Good thing my boat hit it a few times and the crew bailed...
  4. I think this is something crucial I have missed...I've been playing for months and would always hit a base and then build defences...All of sudden I was unable to build, could only build fortresses and no AI, objects etc so I restarted from the beginning. I attacked a nearby base after inserting by boat and am still unable to build so i pretty much stopped playing. If I am reading you correctly, can I only build static defenses and other objects (not in the fortress drop down) after I have completed the resistance tasks..? If I start a new game, will I not be able to build at random camps unless I do the resistance tasks first?
  5. I tried again last night and still can only build fortresses, I started a new game and tried different options like "limited for fps" and all tasks available as opposed to unlocked and disabled all my mods but there was no change. I inserted by boat and drive to the pier and took out enemies, the construction truck landed nearby and I drove it to the map marker and built a sandbag fortress but that was the ONLY thing in the drop down. I understand that I need to build 4x tents and stuff (which Ive done tons of times) but I simply dont have any other options. My AT guy is scared of shooting and theres dogs everywhere lol. I eventually ended up robbing the AT guy. Do you think it would be possible in future to customize a loadout before starting a mission? Is there a way of deleting save games or something? maybe something is cached and is causing my game to fail? ( I forgot to check what version Im running but will look when I get home again)
  6. I still cant build, has there been an update to the game recently that Im missing? Im using a 3G dongle to connect to internet and havent been "online" so to speak in a while. The only option I have is fortresses
  7. Thanks I will try updated version. I was pondering about an idea...what if instead of enemy spawning in randomly, they actually spawned in at bases and mounted vehicles and then doployed to where they would have been inserted? Helos and trucks/APCs etc Make a sort of "hornets nest" effect where reinforcements (AI trying to retake objectives) would have to originate from? Would be slower but would implement an element of logistics and support, might even dynamically progress to a point where if you intercept/ambush enemy reinforcements then an attack on a target base would be effected...side missions could be created from that too.
  8. Please help...I almost finished the map but then all of a sudden I wasnt able to build anymore, I could only build fortresses. I tried a couple new updates and posted a while back on the forum but there was no change, I decided to start from scratch and got inserted by boat, tookout a beachcamp but I am still unable to build anything besides a fortress. I also bought a big construction truck but there was no change, am I missing something or is my game bugging out? I havent installed any new mods, it just kind of stopped. Also, if I start a new game with a helo insertion it just hovers and doesnt land..I really miss playing this map lol, pwz help
  9. Im not sure if my game is crapping out again or not but I cant seem to be able to build anymore so I started a new game but the helo doesnt land. (Tried twice) I took the boat insertion and made a tower and bag bunker but I dont get any other build options..am I missing something? I could build AI and other objects previously after building a bunker but I only have options to build bunkers and nothing else. :/
  10. Is it just me or does fog arrive after taking over a base? Im not using any environment mods.
  11. My game was crapping out, restarted and things seem fine again and the chopper works..
  12. Im not sure if my game is crapping out or something but when I requested a chopper transported a UAV spawned and exploded above me. The chopper transport didnt work prior to that, as someone else mentioned when everyone is in nothing happens, I used to used to use the transport a lot so am familiar with clicking the map etc but it doesnt seem to work now. Also, when I got out of vehicles previously it would state something about marking that as your current/last vehicle used but it doesnt do that anymore and the loot function doesnt seem to work.
  13. Yeah I noticed that too, found a mortar in the field about 50m from the entrance. I usually place mortars inside my base so didnt know how that happened

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Thanks, much appreciated

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi, I've looked in the download folder for a readme and tried every key on the keyboard but cant seem to have any luck with this mod. What are the default keys to use things like morphine and such? From reading a few posts I believe there is some sort of menu?? Im not sure if maybe some other mods it conflicting with it but Im just using a sound mod and disabled the simpleweaponresting mod. I got injured and am unable to see or do anything, the screen is very trippy. My medic wont heal me from the cmd menu so I created a medic truck which didnt work either. (Im playing Saok's WholelottaAltis SP map.)