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  1. Oh they are available. If you know russian. Or know someone who knows russian. Check out this neat MiG-25, especially the cockpit is done in amazing quality.
  2. Yes because of this millionst "Any cance..."-post he made a Tu 160. http://s13.directupload.net/images/101018/erx8axji.jpg Oh wait no he didnt. Thats the Tu-160 done by Sarmat exclusivly for the russian community. And me. Trololol.
  3. Ah I thought John or "Johnsart" was working for you. He did the Kingtiger and Jagdtiger for OFP, and the Kingtiger for ArmA I: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=news&id=1479. I thought the Kingtiger in your mod was made by him, my mistake. EDIT: Of course, you have a "Inv44_John" and he is called "John"....Thats why I mixed it up.
  4. What happened to Johns Jagdtiger by the way? You ported his Kingtiger, but I know he also wanted to implement his Jagdtiger model at some point in ArmA. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3628/jagdtiger.jpg http://forums.bistudio.com/archive/index.php/t-78200.html
  5. Altimeter

    Star Trek Addons

    lolol what is this faggotry you nerds star trek ololol I want another Specials Forces Reskin or the M4A1-ACOG-CQB-M203-MILTECH-WTF-LATE-EARLY-MODEL ololol Great work guys, nice to see some diversion!
  6. Altimeter

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    In all honesty: I think with your level of expertise it would take you too much time to make a "total conversion". Remember, up to this point there is only one mod in existence who was able to pull it off, the "Invasion 44" one. Its a tremendous amount of work. Why dont you try a "mini mod" instead, two-three tanks, some guns, two kinds of infantry? This is not supposed to pull your mod down, the shown stuff is great and every guy who takes addon making upon himself is even greater!
  7. That blows the Day of Defeat Tiger model away. Little bit afraid you will go "Iron Front" on us actually :D
  8. For fucks sake use some punctuation. Write again, and this time take care with your sentence structure.
  9. Allright you actually think the Tiger model is still protected, unlike for example the "Stalker" Stuff from GSC. Fair enough, I wont post the link again. But the Panzer III??? Why did you snip that aswell?
  10. The Tiger was made for ArmA I, but you can use it in ArmA II as well. Same goes for the Panzer III from FFStudios.
  11. Still looking very nice :D Seriously, its not just "port" - Lots of work went into this, the suspension is extremly well made, when the Tiger drives it just feels like moving a huge cumbersome tank, same goes for the guns and sound effects.