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  1. you need to define the class DestructionEffects too find a good example inside the Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb's_Addon_Tutorial#Config.cpp
  2. saltatormortis

    Roads only showing half

    mabe you need to simplify your road controll, in our video it looked like you use toomany subdivisions. compare the point density with the working roads
  3. saltatormortis

    Eden Objects

    you mistranslated the clipboard in german its called Klemmbrett
  4. saltatormortis

    Make ALL players/objects appear in zeus?

    sorry the solution wasnt as simple as ive written before this edit at this moment zeus cant place triggers or gamelogics you need to edit the mission with a gamemodule with this content: if (isServer) then { { _x addCuratorEditableObjects [allUnits,true]; _x addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles,true]; } forEach allCurators; }; for a multi zeus setup you need to add this inside the gamelogic: if (isServer) then { [] spawn { while {true} do { { _x addCuratorEditableObjects [allUnits, true]; _x addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles, true]; sleep 60; } forEach allCurators; }; }; };
  5. saltatormortis

    Make ALL players/objects appear in zeus?

    addCuratorEditableObjects is the magic command you search.. CURATORmodule addCuratorEditableObjects [[OBJECTname],true]; ie: place trigger above preplaced unit withthis onAct: {Curator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_x],true]} forEach thislist; other scripted solutions are simply found inside this forum MFG
  6. do you want your blood too shine? if not why you have a 1 inside the emmisive value? mfg ps havnt played myself with the emmisive values so its only a guess
  7. saltatormortis

    Custom Car issues (Bulletproof and other stuff)

    did you have a peek inside other persons models? take for example the arma 3 Samples libary: http://store.steampowered.com/app/390500/ basicly some parts you need a EXACT copy of modelpart names(ie on weappons the muzzle need to be named zalesh)
  8. the only way to remove the games is via steam support... but the hiding thing is faster and easyer
  9. rightklick on game-> Set Categories >>> check"Hide this game in my library"
  10. saltatormortis

    A Pop-Up Rifle Range Mod anywhere?

    (optional)i place a gamelogic with this code: nopop = true; lane01 = synchronizedObjects this; {_x setDamage 1; _x animate["terc", 1]} forEach lane01; to pop the lane up: (u can use named targets to pop a single one) lane01 setDamage 0; lane01 animate["terc", 0]; to pop a single random target Up = lane01 call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; Up setDamage 0; Up animate["terc", 0]; the rest get creative and write you own code
  11. saltatormortis

    p3d problems

    very simple Mondkalb has written a nice tut for this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb%27s_Addon_Tutorial ps the name of the doors should be a specific one. because of the "open door Module" atm i dont know the name but maybe you should look inside the arma 3 config viewer in the editor
  12. saltatormortis

    Create custom weapons with zeus/mcc

    i think you are searching for this command; curatorObj addCuratorEditableObjects [[objects],addCrew]
  13. saltatormortis

    Have a model that needs rigging

    have you looked for the examplemodels? in your case the especially the model for the plane is interesting
  14. i think it should be this: (cant test atm) {_x in thisList} count playableUnits == {alive _x} count units playableUnits for editor testing you need to use switchableUnits (editor)
  15. saltatormortis

    Too many faces?

    my guess you are displaying the normalmap as a texture.. maybe take another look on the tutorial where he sets the normalmap up.. or your uv unrap has some overlays if this helps not maybe a screenshot/blend will do