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  1. 75th Ranger Regiment Multi-cam (Re-textures) Info. - These rangers I bring to you are my first re-texture/texture, I only learn't a week ago how to actually get all this stuff working and I must give Nixo a big shout out for helping me along the process as well as letting me use his multi-cam re-textures as a stable setup. The re-textures are re-textures of BIS ACU soldiers, so shout to BIS for there amazing work and amazing game! Screenshots. http://i815.photobucket.com/albums/zz79/Alph4MikeCh4rlie/Multicam%20Rangers/USArmyRanger3.jpg?t=1289637004 http://i815.photobucket.com/albums/zz79/Alph4MikeCh4rlie/Multicam%20Rangers/USArmyRanger2.jpg?t=1289637051 http://i815.photobucket.com/albums/zz79/Alph4MikeCh4rlie/Multicam%20Rangers/USArmyRanger.jpg?1289637066 Credits. Nixo: For his help with getting these rangers all configured and ready to go. BIS: For there soldier models. Community: For being apart of this great game. UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK WITH WORKING KEYS! Download http://download675.mediafire.com/rwta24tcr5ag/plllh686yiwe6cn/airbornerangers+v1.5.rar Enjoy. OscerMike
  2. OscerMike

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    You are a pirate!
  3. Now I've looked everywhere and come up empty on an ACE request thread but if this is not the place please tell me where to post this... anyway I was wondering if we could get a Tan Balaclava in the mix with the others. http://img.redwolfairsoft.com/upload/product/img/PANT-BKCL-KK.jpg
  4. OscerMike

    The logo

    logo doesn't look that bad.
  5. Haha since when did "expensive" stop the US
  6. Well hopefully you understood what I was trying to say, the 1200's would probably drop me too, but it would be interesting.
  7. Trust me everyone here will give it a chance, the arma community is known for it's "open mind-ness" and "bickering" including myself, gives us something to do. This game could be set in 1200's or the 3200's and everyone here would still give it a chance :)
  8. I'm not worried about other games I play ArmA because it's a simulator, it allows myself to simulate today's conflicts and have fun doing it. I want it set in Afghanistan and Iraq because thats what we are involved in today and it interests me. Thats my opinion I don't care what other games have done with those, I would like if ArmA3 did the same but created it as a simulator not a FPS (run & gun) show.
  9. OscerMike

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Can't wait BIS, great work.
  10. Well mate like all ArmA's and OFP, regardless of when its set, Mod's will be created to bring it back to this day and age, I do not agree with it being set in the future, they should of created it around Afghanistan and Iraq with some actual looking Afghanistan and Iraq maps etc. or created a new style of frontlines such as North Korea set in 2012 or something along those lines but guess not.
  11. OscerMike

    Advanced Combat Radio Environment

    I'm sure ACE, ACRE, Sound Mod's, Weapon Mod's damn near every great mod will be made for ArmA3.
  12. yeah same for me. I don't think the files have fulled uploaded yet or something.
  13. OscerMike

    daveygary's Rangers

    Yeah that sounds about right, I stand corrected.
  14. OscerMike

    daveygary's Rangers

    I don't believe any US SOF units as well as USSF wear patches at all including rank.
  15. OscerMike

    daveygary's Rangers

    I believe the scroll is to demonstrate the function of the placing of the XML patches (Clan Patch) If I'm not mistaken.
  16. OscerMike

    75th Ranger Regiment

    alright then, no problem
  17. OscerMike

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Is it possible to have a set without head gear such as; Team Leader A then under that Team Leader B, A being with head gear, B without as TF86 seals come with some range of head gear types. Just something to ponder, loving your work so far mate.
  18. Whats wrong with the animations? I haven't installed the new patch yet as I would like to know why people are discussing the issues with the animations, can anyone inform myself of this please?
  19. OscerMike

    Afghan Vet Needs Help!

    Who do you think you are mate? Military or not, treat people with some respect please.
  20. OscerMike

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    How about some manners and show some respect, people put time and effort into this, who cares where the sounds come from. Anders great work, keep it up.
  21. Some high quality MARSOC desert marpat troops would be great, I'd make them but I can't model for S%$t.
  22. OscerMike

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    The mods coming along quite well mate, a few things that I personally think may need some work is when you hit contact the environment (sonic cracks, ricochets, distance fire etc.) doesn't sound that crash hot, my suggestion would be to watch Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan on youtube or pretty much any firefights on live-leak and take some pointers on the environment, but either way mate I've been using your mod since it came out and its doing me good so far. cheers for your efforts mate.
  23. OscerMike

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    insurgency by pogoman :)
  24. OscerMike

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Personally I don't believe we need a DLC for the aussies as Australians at War has done a fantastic job with there addon's and I don't believe they could be matched with a DLC pack.