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  1. Thanks for clearing that up Seany. Wasn't sure.
  2. Can someone tell me which Physx setting I should try using in the Nvidia CP ? I read here that Physx is best disabled but that option no longer exists in the recent Nvidia driver versions (258.96). I can either configure Physx to be handled by Auto-select (default setting), CPU or GTX 260. I'm pretty sure I tried all of them and still kept getting my same CTD and error message, I'm just wondering which setting is recommended.
  3. macstu23

    Consistent CTD 'Error 8876086c'

    Okay, I re-installed the GTX 260 card this morning, installed the 73643 beta and tried it out. Still got the CTD with the same error message, so I sent a CIT ticket along with a dxdiag text file. Just to give an example, I tried out the 'Helicopter basics' mission in Boot camp. With shadows set to 'High' I got the CTD just before reaching the first hoop. With shadows disabled I got as far as hoop 3 or 4 before I got the CTD and familiar error code. Blegh. Thanks for looking into it for me anyway. I have Arma II ordered as well so I hope the same problem doesnt affect that game too.
  4. macstu23

    Consistent CTD 'Error 8876086c'

    Thankyou Dwarden. I just completed the British single-player campaign yesterday (using the Radeon card) but I shall re-install the GTX 260 later today, apply the 73643 beta patch and see how that goes. I didn't get crash dump files with this CTD but I'll save a copy if offered. Thanks for the CIT ticket link..i'll fill it in later.
  5. macstu23

    Consistent CTD 'Error 8876086c'

    ^I should have said 896mb graphics card memory, not 854. Silly me. I've just been playing pure vanilla OA with the BAF expansion, using the 1.54 patch and also trying out the beta patch, single-player only with no modifications. I want to be sure I've got a stable single-player game first before I go delving into multiplayer or mods. I was experiencing the crash usually within a few minutes of gameplay whether on foot, in a vehicle or flying a helicopter, on both American and British missions. Sometimes it would CTD just from turning the camera to look around. Every time I got a CTD however, it was always that error message.
  6. I'm new to Arma II, having recently acquired Arma II OA after a recommendation. I was however dissapointed to find that the game was freezing or crashing consistently, usually after only a couple of minutes, with the following error message coming up after a CTD; 'Error: Device reset failed. Error 8876086c'. I was using the latest 1.54 patch with Arma II OA and BAF (also got the same consistent error with the 73478 beta patch). My PC specs are as follows; Processor: AMD Phenom II 940 quad core OS: Win XP Pro 32 bit Graphics: XTX Nvidia GTX 260 (854mb) v258.96 nvidia display driver. RAM: 2gb DDR 2 M/board: Asrock K10N78 Sound: Realtek HD onboard I did all the recommended stuff for Nvidia users in the sticky in this forum to no avail, but after doing a bit of googling I found the following explanation for the error in Bistudio's 'Arma troubleshooting wiki': "Cannot create system memory surface (Error code 8876086c) - This is caused by third party content using textures with non 2^n (32,64,128,256,etc) dimensions. It may not effect all video cards." So it seems it crashes because my GTX 260 card is 854 mb, and not 512 or 1024 mb. That is just a bit annoying. More-so since there's no mention of a fix or workaround. Just for a laugh, I thought I'd try temporarily replacing my GTX 260 (854mb) with a Radeon HD 4670 (1024mb) that I just happened to have lying around the house. After switching the cards around and installing the latest ATI display driver, would you believe it ? Arma II runs fine on the HD 4670. No more freezing or CTD's...Yay! Sure I had to ramp the graphics down a fair bit but at least I can actually play the game now...And I'm rather enjoying it too. However, it's just a temporary solution. There's no way I going to stay down a few notches in graphics cards just to play Arma II when my GTX 260 runs well on high visual settings with every other game I own. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a workaround for the 8876086c error or if it's an issue which is ever likely to be addressed in a future patch. Thankyou in advance for your helpful replies.