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  1. stupidwhitekid75

    Project RACS

    Looks awesome, especially the second pic. Looking forward to it :)
  2. stupidwhitekid75

    Project RACS

    Chortles does have a really good point though. Iran is known for reverse engineering weapons. The KL-7.62 is an Iranian copy of the AKM. The S.5'56 is a copy of the Chinese Norinco CQ which is a copy of an AR. They even use the Uzi IRL which would be considered zionist made weapon, so I wouldn't put using a Chinese rip of the Negev off so fast. As far as the naming goes, look at the stupid names the Iranians give their weapons and vehicles - Nakhijr (SVD), Saegheh (RPG), Boragh (BMP-1), etc... I think the names BI chose actual fit well. As bad as the content is, a lot of the engine improvements and new features presented in A3 are absolutely awesome. I never am one to complain much about graphics, but compared to A3, ArmA 2 doesn't look half as good (especially at night). Not to mention I can totally see the RACS forces blending in amazingly with the terrain on Stratis. I'm sure Atlis will be very similar, and from screen shots I've seen it maybe even almost Sahrani-like. I don't know how many people have checked out the new "Sites" module feature, but it is awesome. Basically it lets you place down a marker and it automatically populates the area defined (including buildings) with troops of whichever faction you choose. Great for missions on the fly or to start yourself in a base that actually looks pretty realistic without doing much work. The support requester was in ArmA 2 but now its a lot easier to implement and use and has some additional features and much better customization that wasn't ever there in the past. Can you imagine calling in a RACS S-213 barrage on some enemy Takistani's? Or a RACS Mirage III Bomber dropping its payload on a Takistani machine gun nest? Or call in a SA330 Puma to air lift your squad to the frontlines, or even an Angry Bird to strafe an enemy convoy as it drives along the road? What I'm getting at is that ArmA 3 kind of sucks right now with the content provided, but it still has the opportunity to be great over time if the community puts some work into it. I know that it shouldn't be that way, but we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. I hate to see so many amazing mods go that really make the game really worth playing, like RACS and CWR for example.
  3. stupidwhitekid75

    Project RACS

    Right, I am well aware, hence why I was asking if there were still plans. Ballistic said that he didn't think there ever were any plans for an A3 RACS mod to begin with but I knew somewhere that wld had talked about it. If it makes you feel any better, I know for certain that the RACS mod was used in MP often, just not usually on your server. Please don't take this as an insult, but whenever I got on the RACS server to play the map was set to Chernarus and that was "meh" in my opinion. I'm not a huge Chernarus fan as it is, and the RACS forces just didn't really seem to fit that map in particular - they would've felt much better on Takistan or Zargabad, or some other desert themed map. Of course thats only my opinion, and I could totally be wrong...maybe Chernarus wasn't the only map featured, maybe I just missed the other maps which were in rotation the 4-5 times that I got on to play. I am much more of a single player anyways, I have yet to really jump into the MP scene. I completely agree with you here. It's not so much that I'm not a fan of the futuristic route they took, its just the design decisions seem stupid. The OPFOR don't even seem like people to me, it looks like shooting at big headed robots. It seems like it would've made much more sense for them to create a present day (or near present day) conflict with two fictitious sides similar to what they did with ArmA 1. That would've allowed them to create and introduce all sorts of new content while still keeping the modern setting. I really don't have much interest anymore in A3 but that interest would probably return if I knew that some of my favorite mods would be coming back (RACS), which in my opinion would actually make the game really enjoyable and worth playing. Anyways, enough with that, my question has been answered. If this is the end of the road for you and your mod, I must say thank you once again for the years of enjoyment you gave me and many others with your mod. It is probably what has kept me playing ArmA for as long as I have. Congratulations and good luck to you and your new son wld :)
  4. stupidwhitekid75

    Project RACS

    Gotcha, that's a bummer. I thought wld had mentioned something about bringing PRACS into A3 awhile ago but I could be wrong about that. EDIT: Yeah, several months ago I asked wld if he had any future plans to create an OPFOR faction for the RACS mod, he responded: I then asked if the ArmA 3 RACS forces would be modern day RACS or if they'd be 2035'd RACS, and got this response: This led me to believe that there would be plans at some point to bring RACS into ArmA 3. The conversation dated back to the end of November last year.
  5. stupidwhitekid75

    Project RACS

    Are there still plans to bring RACS into A3? Ever since switching over from A2 to A3 it hasn't been nearly as fun without this mod.
  6. When the alpha was first released I ran into some cool situations where my helo (specifically AH/MH-9) would clip something or take enough small arms fire that it would go down but instead of insta-blowing up when it hit the ground, it would crash and sometimes even roll onto its side. I would be wounded but typically I would survive the crash and be able to exit along with my co-pilot and we would patch ourselves up. It usually seemed a lot more realistic seeing the chopper laying on its side, visible damaged certainly but not to a point where it was a smoldering heap. The dev build seems to have changed this for the most part, sometimes the chopper will still roll but the player seems to always die. I hope that we can see it go back to the way it was before. Something else that would be interesting to see would be a static wreck, where when the helicopter hits, instead of it blowing up, it turns into a wreck (ground torn up, chopper banged up) but with players still alive (depending on the severity) inside. Don't know if this would even be possible though.
  7. Going off of our discussion in the release thread, I was only trying to help you better understand what antoineflemming was trying to get across. I prefer the units as they are now, closer to the current era :). I think the only request I have really is to see some G3's but I've already bothered you with that enough :p I was wondering though, is the HK21 very widely used in the Hellenic Army? Is it the standard automatic rifleman weapon, or was that just a design choice to use it? I know that it is present within the military but I never imagined it being used as a support weapon in most units. I find its inclusion very interesting and refreshing since typically we see a lot of FN Minimi/M249's and similar.
  8. I think what he was asking was whether or not you planned on making some fictional more futuristic versions of Greek troops, similar to how the US Army is portrayed currently in the Alpha, or if you planned on sticking to more modern day (2013) styled troops. As for the camo pattern if I recall correctly there was some sort of hidden Greek camo texture in the Alpha files that weren't being used or something.
  9. First wanted to say, great work Aplion, the units look awesome. I'm really hoping to see some G3 rifles for the regular infantry in the future :) Secondly, has anyone else had trouble using these with the Canadian Forces Mod? Whenever I use these two together, at first things will be fine, but the second the shooting starts I get a CTD. Can't seem to figure out why...
  10. stupidwhitekid75

    Beta - release date?

    I thought Q2 was the targeted release date.
  11. Hi all, have a question. Currently I am running ArmA 3 off of my laptop. I do not stay in one place enough to warrant purchasing a desktop. Currently my system specs are: 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge Core i7-3920XM Extreme Edition 16GB of RAM -DDR3 1600MHz nVidia GeForce GTX 675M @ 2GB I currently get pretty decent frames running A3, however, I have been looking into upgrading my GPU because at the time when I purchased my laptop I simply didn't have enough money to get exactly what I wanted. I contacted the company who designed my laptop and they said it would be possible to install an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M GPU @ 4GB. What I would like some help with figuring out, is if it would be worth it to pay to have the 4GB 680M installed. Will there be a noticeable performance gain over the 2GB 675M? I have searched around online but haven't been able to come up with anything that makes sense to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Those look great Aplion. Is that the standard BI vest or did you make your own?
  13. Check for other mods running, I had the same problem until I disabled Aplions HAF weapons pack...then as soon as I reloaded the game everything was back to normal.
  14. Looking really good Aplion. Man you work fast! Keep it up :)
  15. Whoops somehow I skipped right over that part, my bad! Looks good man, keep up the great work :cool: