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  1. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    city locked neutral (100/100) no AI spawn the latest, too
  2. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    on DEV
  3. j4ck3ss

    Warfare BE

    i wait you on Arma 3 :-)
  4. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    mission is broken
  5. yeah http://www.antihelios.de/EK/Arma/ all building object... is in config.cfg
  6. yes or using id of flowers... could work?
  7. Hi i search the name of object (trees, shrubs, flowers) for creat city customs i have juste building object and corals
  8. hi, on the map i have the init (server) west setFriend [resistance, 0]; west setFriend [civilian, 0]; east setFriend [resistance, 0]; east setFriend [civilian, 0]; resistance setFriend [WEST, 0]; resistance setFriend [EAST, 0]; civilian setFriend [WEST, 0]; civilian setFriend [EAST, 0]; in blue : i use EMPTY - AMMO - blue special weapon and i dont have the option (action) inventory i want just change the blue special weapon of faction friend
  9. Cannot open object a3\roads_f\runway\runway end 26 f.p3d the add ons is deleted cause update on two maps i have this problem you respawn in bird i want change object in map, for play...
  10. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    on server rpima french tee times modified hq destroy you win and 1 new city with building customs, none addons require.
  11. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    tht normal the HQ wheels destroy, option for drive or build or mobilize are disable?
  12. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    i search for change getpos_object (town) and (veh_store) spawn AI and Vehicul it spawn on object, i want change for spawn on your marker(veh_spawn_marker)it do not used and in town for AI
  13. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    All bulding on maps and object i have(arma3) i do not want bulding of arma2 i change the Harrier (sandbag walls) to building just i search the option for change the position of building around of HQ. TeeTime That normal in vehicul you roll and kill a player, you is dead?
  14. j4ck3ss

    TeeTimes Warfare

    Hi i want using building for change the H-harrier and HQ(HQ vehicul after deploy bulding) I change AI shop... in building after vehicul deploy in building too and change the position of respawn building Ifrit HMG and hunter HMG used for the bug Ifrit wheel broken hq none option for drive...(add damage false removed) after i search for using deploy hq and you select the position of AF... in zone around of HQ