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  1. sgtice

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Any chance of stream lining the inventory management in the description.ext so we can add multiple items on one line. Along with being able to copy/paste from the arsenal into the description.ext to speed up more complex load outs for missions?
  2. I deleted 2 files from the default file, the MPmissions in the directory are for missions that I download from someone else. Deleting 2 of the default profile which I do not use deleted everything, my control presets, arsenal, missions on all my profiles.
  3. Just found out not only did I lose my Missions that I had been working on for the last 5 years or so I also lost all the work i've done in the arsenal for my missions. This is just great. How deleting 2 profile data files can delete everything, even on other profiles. Thanks Bohemia.
  4. That's the first thing I did, it didn't go to the recycle bin at all. I sent the 2 profile files to the recycle bin but my MPmissions files are gone for no apparent reason.
  5. As the title reads I tried to delete some of the files in my default profile, specifically Username.ArmA3Profile & Username.vars.ArmA3Profile. Upon doing so all of my other profiles MP missions were deleted, some of which go back about 5 years or took a lot of work. I'm trying to figure out how to get the info back, seeing as my MPmissions folder for my custom profile seems to have been deleted or relocated. I can search for some of the folders within, but it tells me they aren't there anymore.
  6. sgtice

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Is anyone having a problem with the AI getting "jerky" turning left to right in quick succession during a fight or while trying to move. Looks weird/they become ineffective. They usually move a foot if i'm lucky due to the behavior/then go prone. I've tried turning off everything besides Vcom & then putting CBA/ACE on with it, same result every time.
  7. Was really hoping for the hills to still be in at this point. Little disappointed they all got removed from the north end.
  8. sgtice

    Switching weapons on the move

    Magazines seem to disappear with this on, might be a timed thing or after using them a number of times. Primarily noticed it when mashing the switch weapon keys [Actions 17/18] after a while I can't reload even if i'm not binding my reload key in combination with something else. Hitting reload just causes a magazine to disappear from my counter/vanish into thin air. I see someone already posted about it.
  9. Unless things have changed since A2: PR, there will not be any AI in ArmA 3: PR, thus I doubt that will happen.
  10. From what they told us in the feedback tracker ZA needs to update it's registry.
  11. sgtice

    They better have female soldiers...

    Define frontline for me if you wouldn't mind in great detail. Your girlfriend is going to play, great. Don't try and force this down our throats. Bug kill made a very good point about why most people don't want to see it & why this is stupid at best. There's no need to put a lot of man power, resources & money into implementing female models when the community can mod it in if they so please. Women are not held to the same standards as men & thus to reflect that in-game would take some tweaking, then people would whine it's not balanced. Not to mention a multitude of other problems. The benefits do not outweigh the problems it puts forward. Go back to the start of the feedback tracker & read through the large mass of notes about it. No one justified why the devs should waste time implementing it, it dosen't make a difference compared to adding things which would benefit the game. All I saw was the same aesthetic & equality whining repeatedly throughout the thread. Which is what I suggested numerous times in the feedback tracker Kumeda, but no one seemed to read that part. But what I really want is someone to PM me & explain how adding females into ArmA III has anything to do with 1955 and female equality.
  12. sgtice

    Arma 3 Alpha not launching

    Done that, aware of doing that. Problem is I don't have admin & the only thing I can think of which is preventing me from getting the Alpha to run is possibly ZA, which I can't do anything about without admin. Which I have no control over.
  13. sgtice

    Arma 3 Alpha not launching

    Haven't got mine to load since 5 hours after the Alpha came out.
  14. Not working for me, all i've got is Forcefield.
  15. Long ago in a time long forgotten... that idea was kicked to the curb & labeled as low priority by the Devs.