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  1. Rabble-Rouser

    USS Nimitz

    The Game ingine is set to show statics and vehicles at a certain distance I believe. there may be something in an addon from PvPScene that may help in determining a way to set it up so that the Nimitz classnames are set to show up at a further distance. You would have to work it into the config.bin/.cpp file. http://pvpscene.net/wiki/doku.php?id=english:list_of_pvp_addons_and_mods:pvpscene_tweaks on that [age there are 2 addons StaticsVisibleatDistance and VehiclesVisibleatDistance not sure what it would be for the Nimitz but I would say probably vehicle, not that that would matter as long as it is added to the config for the Nimitz specifically. It may not help at all, but I thought it might be worth trying when you have some time to do so. About the Nimitz piece falling to sea level we coudln't recreate it either one of our guys was trying his best to do it again after I told him it happened and it never occurred a second time. Lovin it though man really nice work glad you released it a little early so we could all toy around with it. anxiously awaiting the finished product.
  2. Rabble-Rouser

    USS Nimitz

    Nice work man keep it up. Spent more time just working on landing on it so I didnt even get to explore the whole of the addon. The IFLOLS system is sweet catapult was working well along with the arrestor cables. One thing I did notice was I had landed a buddy came in for landing behind me, not waiting for the all clear and wrecked us both. We were using the Ikar's F14 so the wrecks just stayed as full planes, I then decided to try and blast them off the deck with my gun from another F14 and the front portion of the carrier droppped off and sank to sea level. It took many rounds before this occured,but none the less it did occur. The portion of the carrier that dropped was from the end of the landing runway to almost the tip of the bow. There was a small chunk of the bow still floating out in space. All the lights retained there positions it was only the hull itself that fell. Lovin it though man just wanted to let you know that it occured.
  3. Wish I could test the speeds, but I am on a Steam build. If they are as fast as some say probably no, but keeping my vote out since I can not test it. I dig the speeds of the TrueGameplay mods going to prone, to crouch and to standing. I also really dig the PvPScene Grenades and Stepover animation speeds. In my opinion the general movement animations are to slow in Arma 2 and OA. Reloading is pretty good stock, but other standard movements need some tweaking, but not over done. If these new animations are similar to TrueGameplay and PvPScene I would vote yes. Minus the reloading from TrueGameplay. I have been using an LMG mostly while checking the TrueGameplay mods and PvPScene mods so other weapons may benefit from a bit faster realoading animation.(general Assault Riffles).
  4. Rabble-Rouser

    Delete from missions list?

    Not sure what you mean exactly with scenario, but all missions can be found in either. My Documents\Arma 2 Other Profiles\MPMissions %Arma 2 Path%\MPMissions %Arma 2 OA Path%\MPMissions (if you have OA on Steam) C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache (for Win7 & Vista and should only contain DL from server missions) If you are running any addons some addons come with MPMissions built into them so getting them out may be a bit tricky. If you can remove them at all without breaking the addon.(verify signatures) Also all single player missions end up in the Missions folder directly above MPMissions.
  5. Rabble-Rouser

    Getting addon unit info

    You could try this script over at Armaholic or maybe here somewhere, showClass added by Cyborg11 and has helped me in several situtations. There is also a script suite to dump all config info to your .RPT file. You can get it over at Armaholic also and possibly here. dumpConfig
  6. Not sure if you got this figured out but I believe that Domi params actually end up being d_TimeOfDay = yourValue; d_InitialViewDistance = yourValue; or you may need to use GVAR(TimeOfDay) = yourValue; GVAR(InitialViewDistance) = yourValue; Don't remember which it is, I havn't played with the domi stuff in a while.
  7. Rabble-Rouser

    PvPscene Benchmark Suite

    I dig the fact that you can compare what others run there settings at to help give a comparison on settings I have used or may want to use and see if it offers benefit or grief. Having one test to run everones settings the same would be handy just to set a standard for machine comparison. But every machine runs different wether you built it yourself and know it in and out or wether you bought it off a shelf and wonder why, with all the bloat ware, it is so slow. I've been doing some scripting yesterday so I dint get around to doing a second test at what I actually run the game at for gaming. But adding it as a second comparison may shed light to others with a similar system as to what may be a better setting for them.
  8. Rabble-Rouser

    PvPscene Benchmark Suite

    Alrighty got a set of Bench's on there as Normal settings across the board next batch should be of my standard gameplay settings. Lovin this tool set man very nice job!
  9. Rabble-Rouser

    PvPscene Benchmark Suite

    Is there an explanation of each field for the Database not sure what order my settings coniced with on I-L, O-AB. But I got my Bench's up there from Takistan run. Also sorry Helo thought someone was typing hello! LOL I found it, but I have no idea what settings I ran under I think just a stock Arma 2 run up used test as the profile and seeing as I dont have a test profile I would assume A2OA just setup what it felt was best for the game. Think I will redo them and under a created Benchmark Profile. And thanks for the sweet tool PvPScene!! :ok:
  10. Rabble-Rouser

    moveObject.exe ?

    To a moderator I just noticed I have this in Configs and Scripting, if it should be in Modelling please move. Thanks PVPScene got it worked out. DUH @ me! Just for anyone else trying to get this working. It should be something like this moveobject.exe pathto\model.p3d from\here to\here pathto\model is used if MoveObject.exe is not in the same directory as your .P3d file. If you have MoveObject.exe in the same drectory as your model then the example in the readme will work. So what I did was create a p:\Examples folder inside that folder I created a directory structure like so p:\Examples\myaddon\USMC\DATA . I now took and copied all files that pertain to the USMC_Soldier_Officer.P3d and pasted them in there corresponding place inside the p:\Examples\myaddon folder. I had a config already built by referencing another addon for the USMC_Soldier_Officer which I placed next to my USMC_Soldier_Officer.P3d file inside myaddon folder. Now with moveObject.exe inside p:\Examples and my command prompt set to p:\Examples I used a command prompt line like so moveObject.exe myaddon\usmc\usmc_soldier_officer.p3d ca\characters2 myaddon to rename the .paa and .rvmat paths for the model this also renames the old USMC_Soldier_Officer.p3d to USMC_Soldier_Officer.old.p3d and creates a new USMC_Soldier_Officer.p3d in using this method by moving the original before using moveobject.exe you should be able to delete the USMC_Soldier_Officer.old.p3d version from your myaddon\USMC folder leaving the original intact in your ca\characters2\USMC folder At this point you can now edit any textures to suit your liking inside p:\Examples\myaddon\USMC\DATA folder and once you have a working config.cpp you can pack the myaddon folder as a .pbo to launch it as an addon. Which depending on how you setup our config.cpp will determine where it will be revealed inside the in game editor. I am not all that keen on the config.cpp files as of yet. so it will be dependent to your situation how it would be setup. Hope this helps anyone else out who are trying to figure out retexturing stock models, this is not a method to recreate a model or change an existing model except for the textures. You will need to be able to edit textures and create normal maps in order to get a quality product in game. Which would be a tottaly different topic explanation.
  11. Rabble-Rouser

    moveObject.exe ?

    I will give that o go thank you much. Appreciate it!
  12. So I have been trying to wrap my head around this tool I can use all the other mikeroTools that I have tried to use no problem. I have used Arma2P with ExtractPbo, ConvertP3d, and the DePbo.dll all in the same folder. I also have DePbo.dll in windows\system32\ folder. I should also mention since last night all versions of tools I am using are the latest from http://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/files Using Arma2P everything extracted properly and moved to my p:\ drive. I am storing all mikero tools in a folder on my data drive G:\DL\games\ArmA2\mikerotools\ All of mikero tools reside in the mikerotools folder, Eliteness, Arma2P, ConvertP3d, ExtractPbo, DeRapify, and so on. For each tool I use I have placed the DePbo.dll into that applications folder inside (just seemed to yeild better results than just placing in windows\system32\) I have had every other tool work as stated in each readme or from searching on the forums here, but the moveObject.exe just elludes me. Inside MoveObject folder I have change.bat changeall.bat DePbo.dll main.cpp MoveObject.exe I added to that folder a new .bat _run_moveObject.bat (from instructions by kju on another post) inside the _run_moveObject.bat I have the issue I have is once ran I get a cmd window that pauses as it should with the readout I have the rem lines as example for when or if I need to change something I have an easy reference. From my understanding the .bat should overlook them anyway even though they are showing up in the cmd window. I have also tried by moving the MoveObject folder to my BIS Tools 2 folder and running from there to se if that worked, I have used several variations of the line I have also tried several different soldier models to move with no luck. I feel that it is something little I am doing wrong,but for the life of me I can not figure it out. Does the line need to reference my Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 install path? Or does it need to reference my G:\BIS TOOLS 2\ArmAWork path with extracted .pbo's? Or should I be referencing it to the p:\ directory instead of the other directories? Do I need to run it from the Arma 2 install directory or ,from what I think is accurate it can be ran from anywhere? As long as any directories with spaces are defined in " ". Is that my problem since I am referencing a directory larger than 32 characters, which I read in a post? Hopeing someone can shed a little light on my struggle here and I have read everysingle post I can find about the MoveObject.exe with all pretty much stating just run it like this
  13. Rabble-Rouser

    Doolittle Anti-cheat System

    Thanks Doolittle! My only question is can this just be dumped into the Addons folder or should it be a separate mod folder?