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    cam scripts?

    Hello Gigan and thank you for this wonderful script. i would like to ask how do i set the script so that only 1 player/character can use it. for example i add to the int: "player addAction [ "GCam", "gcam.sqf" ]; player addAction [ "GCam Auto", "gcam_auto.sqf" ]; handle = [] execVM "gcam.sqf"" but in game all players have gCam in their mouse scroll menu i am not sure what the problem is thank you.
  2. it hasn't been confirmed by BI or BE, has it..? hm its good to know their supporters are coming with conclusions faster then they are.
  3. i posted this man..... @=WBG=cpt_custard - BattlEye=0; in your Server.cfg then you can play on your server. if u removed the dll from the server folder do a shutdown to reboot the server with the new settings...and don't Hi-jack threads.
  4. @=WBG=cpt_custard - BattlEye=0; in your Server.cfg then you can play on your server. @Dwarden: we'll see how long it lasts....thanks for the quick support i mean reply.
  5. Battleye needs a development team..along with a forum.
  6. I'm experiencing the same thing with my steam client....whats up with that..you say its not Steam ah...If steam auto updates that means that it certainly isn't the steam users but the client, come on battleye...? :cool: Windows Vista Sp 2 Home Premium 32 Bit STEAM user (for all ARMA2 + Expansions + DLC's). STEAM and all d/l software installed in the default location.
  7. i have searched and searched so im guessing this is the right place.... i don't understand why im getting this error when i or other players try to look at the contents of a vehicle..... "r3f_log_dlg_contenu_vehicle not found" thank you.