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  1. Wow I love Zub. Like you said, nothing beat the Zub forest :) Thank you for consider bringing Zub to A3 :o
  2. Hi Saok, I notice a few yellow dots on the map. What are they? Factories need to be captured or neutral territories? I couldn't find any info about them in the briefing :)
  3. It's weird! I disable 2 new mods I just installed (Status HUD and ASDG joint rail) thinking they may conflict with your mission but the problem still persist. The 2 last crates in the list are vehicle ammo and vehicle weapon (or something like that), cannot scroll down anymore :eek: I will try to disable my mods one by one to see if it help (I updated some of them since come back playing). Oh by the way, I read one of your post about update the game. I'm using the official build (1.04). Is it the correct version with this (update) mission?
  4. Haven't played A3 for awhile, just come back to play my favorite mission again :). I don't know if it's a bug or your intention but when I request gear support, the Nato/Speztna ammo box is not available anymore. Could you confirm it's missing or you removed it SaOk?
  5. Ok I played the new update for ~2hrs. The vehicle transfer bug is gone :D. Notice the fast travel system now displays current time and time traveled, which is nice. The guardpost blacklist enemy, does it include guardpost build near camp? Cause I still see enemy chopper drops parachutes near camp when I build guardpost. The guardpost that I build as first base however seems has no enemy near.
  6. Oh great. I like some of the change already :) Will test to ASAP
  7. The vehicle was ok before fast traveling (a construction truck), in fact I was inside it when travel but upon arriving there is no where to be found! I traveled back to the depart location and found the vehicle was in the exact position before traveler (meaning it did not transfer with me). When arriving, I see a only one clock (don't know it it was the current time or the spend time) and a sound tick tick for few second. Didn't see the location or the second clock. Maybe it was something wrong with my mission. I will restart and report back later. ---------- Post added at 05:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:21 PM ---------- SaOk, I can confirm that the vehicle does not transfer when fast traveling. I restarted the mission. After the cutsence talking with the resistance leader (completed the capturing camp task), I get in the construction truck (the one in the beginning that was transfer with me during cutsence) and fast traveled to that camp but upon arriving the truck is no where to be found. I tried Ctrt+C few times to see if it was somewhere close but nothing.
  8. Played the new version a bit. I think performance is improved (gain ~4fps in camp compare to previous version). I like the new intro cinema :). Also it seems when travel to camp, enemy does not spam and attack right away like before. I don't know if this is part of your new tweaks or I was lucky but I like this better because now I feel a little safer in camp than before ;). The new fast travel system works better than the old one although I have to open the map when using it to see which camp/guardpost to travel to (I don't mind it as long as it improve performance) . May I ask what with the number counting when arrive? Oh, my vehicle is not traveling with my anymore. Is this your intention or you forgot to add it in the new system? By the way, I tried to buy the Greyhawk again and this time I saw it on the map but then it flew to the sea and lost/crash?! Can you check it please? I understand that this mission is still WIP. But may I suggest to add some kind of progress in the mission now (e.g. the more camps you captured, the stronger your army is) besides available support when you complete the first few tasks. As of now, I notice that no matter how many camps you captured. The frequency of enemy try to re-capture camp is not decrease but increase (because of more camps are blue).
  9. Hi SaOk, a few suggestions/bug for your next update: 1) VAS is almost unusable in your mission. There are a lot of fighting in your mission especially around camp. The longer I stay in the camp waiting for VAS to display correct info (magazine, weapon, etc) the more enemies coming to attack. And because of that many A.I. fighting, VAS would even take more time to process (my cpu is kinda weak :D). In the end, I give up and get the hell out of dodge ;) So can you move VAS to somewhere safe (remote area with blacklist enemy) in your next update instead of the camp as of now? If you feel it makes the mission easier then you can make it an option for people who don't want that. 2) As of the latest update, the MQ4A Greyhawk UAV never comes when purchase from the camp. I don't know if it's a bug or it was shot down but I tried twice and never see any UAV coming to me. 3) The Slammer is dropping upside down from chute when purchase. Besides few bugs listed above, this update overall performance is great. In my recent play, I had captured 11 camps and never experience any drop in performance like some previous missions. Thanks for making this great mission better and better :o
  10. Oh I'm glad to heard that's not the problem on my end :) I think it has something to do with the Spetzna/Nato mod since it not happen when I choose the recon team.
  11. Haven't played this update yet but I notice from last 2 updates that my squad switch to pistol as soon as we land from the heli. Other A.I. did that too when spam. Do any of you guys who play experience that too? I need to confirm that (because I use TPW that may affect A.I, I dunno :confused:), because then I would ask you to remove pistol from them in the next update please :)
  12. Oh sweet! You're the man :icon_eek:
  13. You're right, sorry about that, I tested the old mission (one that didn't have that problem) and...the uniform issue persist!! Guess I messed up my mods :confused: Do you have any idea about mod order? Since the only change I made since then was to change the priority of mods. Edit: I searched and found out that unit turn blue is due to the TPW mod with debug on. Silly me, I turned it on a day ago without remembering it!! Never mind it SaOk :)
  14. Hi SaOk, notice a bug (maybe?) Since the previous version, some soldiers wear blue or white uniform (look likes it missing texture). It was night time under NV I see that. Haven't reach daytime to conform the color yet. Also alot of them switch to pistol when spam. I didn't add any new mod only update the TPW one. Could you take a look at it? By the way, my team wear correct uniform, only those at camp or spam have that issue. If you can implement VAS for team-mate that would be very good :) All the mission I play with VAS allow only player to access it (I think it's the limitation of VAS)