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    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Yes I have done it. Here is a link for the repo I created. Just import this file into LEA (where you add more addons): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37732864/LEA%20Repositories/SpecialistMilitaryArms%28SMA%29_1.7_1.lea.addon
  2. SINcere

    Digital Compass Bearing

    Is this mod clientside like the A2 digital compass?
  3. Ok I'm having a very irritating issue and I'm not sure why this is happening. I did noticed on the first mission of the campaign that I got a little lag in the gameplay, but didn't think much of it. On the second mission right after the guy gets blown up by the mine I get the auto-save, well that's when my game gets so chunky that it isn't playable and then eventually crashes with an Arma 3 message saying "Too many memory blocks requested".....can somebody tell me how to fix this? I have searched and went over the few threads about this and changed the settings they were talking about, added and changed some startup parameters, but nothing changes. I get the same issue every time. Now, I have a good computer and I'm not sure why it's doing this as I never had this problem BEFORE my updating. I recently added an Intel SSD 240gb and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (upgraded from the GeForce GTX 560 Ti). I wiped my 1 TB SATA and partioned it for storage (media, etc... as well as some installs of stuff I do not want on the SSD). Here are my computer specs: Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB installed memory Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 bit) Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Intel SSD 240gb SATA HD 1 TB I would greatly appreciate any help anybody can give me as this is extremely frustrating.
  4. SINcere

    AH-64 Pack

    WOW! He doesn't ever have to release this mod if he doesn't want to. If you haven't noticed this mid is the best best that ArmA has ever seen. The detail alone is remarkable. He obviously takes pride in his work and isn't going to release it until he personally is satisfied with its completion. He's not getting paid to slave over his pc and create this amazing addon. Do you have any idea how much time goes into a model? Even a small handgun takes a long time to do, especially done in the perfect way that this Apache is. Then he's got an endless process of coding to give us all the options and capabilities that these AH-64's will have. I can't believe the nerve of some people. You can definitely pinpoint the angry little boys who are bullied on a daily basis because they get on forums and take out all their aggression
  5. And this was the weapons pack I was speaking of in which the power of these weapons are far from realistic. We don't use them on our clan servers due to this reason. A .556 has the knock down power of a .762, maybe oven .338 lapua. I used to use those weapons, because lets face it they are beautiful weapons and a lot of hard work and detail have went into them, but I could go onto a server and more or less snipe (one shot one kill) with a suppressed mk18 acog. I'm not trying to take anything away from Robert hammer and his great contributions but I'm looking for something a bit different and more realistic on the ammunitions and velocity side. And I know there's only 2 magnified eotechs which is why I'm requesting that somebody might want to give it a go in the proper thread. Thanks for your help though bro. If you happen to come across something feel free to let me know, please.
  6. HK416 WEAPON CLASSES (10 in/14.5 in barrels) with hybrid scopes. Basically like the ACE SOCOM M4A1 Eotech x4. Obviously I'd like to be ACE compatible. It would great to have the animations of the scope flipping in and out but really not necessary. I'd be happy to have it work just like the above mentioned m4a1. I just really want to see hk416's with longer range capabilities. I know there is a weapons packs out there that have 416's with acog's but the configs are so unrealistic that it takes the realism out of using them. I'm not going to mention the name because there's no need to start a debate about it.
  7. nice work. itd be nice to see it have some offset rail ironsights/reflex or something to convert to for close encounters, but im sure that it incredibly difficult
  8. has anybody else noticed that they cannot join peoples groups using shacktac while running this script? if anybody knows how to make it work please let me know or if Kempco, maybe you could take a look at making it compatible. i am a member of st-alpha and we were testing it on our servers and really like it but we cannot give up shacktac for it. great work by the way. it works wonderful besides that little conflict.
  9. SINcere

    AH-64 Pack

    This is amazing work! Seriously this is going to be the BEST vehicle mod/addon release of ArmA history. I can't wait until this is released. I'm new to this thread and I'm not sure if you guys have your own site at which this will be available for download or if it'll be released on armaholic. Is there any eta? Probably not as you can put a time limited on a masterpiece such as this. God, I just got done using the apache with the blew ace 2 features and it's killing me to use your model. The weapons load out capabilities are great. I really hope to see this in ArmA 3 and I also hope that maybe you'll make a RAH-66 Comanche model as well. If anybody could do it, you could.
  10. i just got a new computer about a month ago and at the time of purchase i had them install a NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti video card. I installed Arma 2: CO from a disc and then i installed the dlc's via digital download and it worked fine. a few days later the video card took a dump and i had to go get it replaced with a new one. now when i try to install the dlc's via digital download they will extract, show a splash screen for the given dlc, but after that it just quits (pops up if i want to remove temp files, keep temp files, or rerun installer on GAMERS GATE). I tried purchasing BAF from Sprocket, but i get the same thing (only it doesn't give the option to keep the files afterwards it just does nothing). When I uninstalled the game previously before getting the video card replaced i removed from control panel/uninstall program just like i always have. then i removed the bohemia interactive folder from program files. i have run cccleaner to try and get rid of any corrupted files (if left over) and any old registry files that do not belong. i have went through and tried everything possible. the firewall is disabled, the antivirus is disabled, the UAC is all the way down. i even allowed an exception in the firewall for the 7zsetup which is the setup from sprocket and gamers gate. i am about to put my foot through this computer so please help me. i have searched the internet over and over and i have only found one guy who has had this problem and he posted on this site with no solutions posted and no reply from him yet. please help as i really want to get back to editing/playing my ArmA 2. Thanks guys and appreciate any help you can give. I have contacted Gamers Gate and Sprocket and literally all i get in return is "you realize that you need operation arrowhead to run the dlc's, right?" wow, really! in the email to them i said twice that i have arma 2: combined operations, which included operation arrowhead, so it seems they were just trying to reply to this question without having to look into actually fixing the issue for me.
  11. Ok, this is what I found and the steps that I took after working on this issue for 5 straight days. What you need to do is this: *Uninstall Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead (or any other Arma 2 related games/dlc's) *Delete the install folder (C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive (this is the folder you will delete) *Go to your Temp Folder (My Computer\C:\Users\<the user in which the game is installed>\App Data\Local\Temp\BAF,PMC, etc.... and delete the BAF, PMC, or both folders. *Main step that is missed quite frequently......Go to C:\ProgramData and DELETE the Bohemia Interactive folder that is in there as well. *UNINSTALL ARMA II LAUCHER and ARMA EDIT if you have it (I'm not sure if this is necessary, but it is what I did so I am giving all the steps in which I performed. ARMA II LAUCHER could effect the game due to it is pulling information and usually MODS from the install folder *EMPTY RECYCLE BIN *REBOOT PC *Reinstall your ArmA 2 games (Combined Ops, ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead, etc....). After the install is completely finished and you have Operation Arrowhead installed (because you have to have OA in order to have the DLC's) *REBOOT PC AGAIN *Once you are back on your PC get online and go to whatever site (gamers gate in my case) and redownload your DLC('s). Once the DLC is downloaded and it extracts you should get the splash screen, the Installation Complete Pop up (which asks if you want to keep/remove temp. files or restart installer) and also the Pop-Up which asks for your email/activation key like it should, but wouldn't prior to this process. If you do not already know when it asks for a CD key you just re-enter your activation key (I see a lot of posts where people don't figure that out and decide that the download/dlc doesn't work because they don't have a CD key. Your activation key is your CD key). And WHALA it should install perfect just like before. I never had an issue in the past with uninstalling the dlc's and reinstalling them again, but last time I installed them I chose to keep the temp. files and I think that is what may cause those files to get stuck in the C:\ProgramData folder. If any of you have any issues or questions please feel free to PM me and I will be more than happy to help to the best of my ability. I just can't believe that Gamers Gate and Sprocket couldn't even come up with an answer to fix this issue since it is basically caused by their download client. Have a good day everybody and I hope this helps.
  12. I am having the exact same issue. i have both dlc's through gamers gate and it goes through the extraction process, then shows the splash screen for a second and then it disappears and nothing happens after that. the dlc's are not present in the installation folder. i have been dealing with this issue and trying to get it to work for 72 hours now. the dlc's worked and installed just fine before on this computer so i do not know what the issue is. i had a new video card installed on the computer just prior to installing the game and the dlc's before and it worked fine. then the video card took a dump and before taking it in to be replaced i uninstalled all of the arma 2 files. i uninstalled it properly through control panel and then went into program files and deleted the installation folder that was left there after all the uninstall was finished. i got the video card replaced that same day and it has been a few weeks but i have decided to install everything again. the combined operations (retail/cd) installed fine, both arma 2 and the operation arrowhead disk, and they run just fine. but for some reason i am having trouble with the dlc's/digital downloads. i installed hawx 2 from digital download after the replacement of the video card and that worked fine. i have even purchased the baf dlc from sprocket to see if it was just gamers gate and i still get the same problem. i am seriously about to kick a hole through this computer and really need some help trying to figure this out. i have contacted both gamers gate and sprocket and the responses i get are "operation arrowhead is required to run the dlc's", and that was even after i mentioned it already being installed twice in the email i sent them. my computer is more than capable of running this game. i am running windows 7 64 bit SP1, i7 processor, nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti video card, 8G ram, and i have all the c++, direct x 11 installed and all my drivers are up to date. i also patched the game to 1.59 to see if it had to be patched in order for them to install (i tried with and without the patch). i have tried downloading the game from firefox and internet explorer. i have ran cccleaner to get rid of any old/incomplete files/registry files. i have searched the computer high and low to find any sign of the dlc's, but obviously i have come up with NO answers. please help guys. please
  13. SINcere

    Ruck issues

    Ok, all this talk about RUCKS, but I am unable to figure out how to pack a ruck via sqf. file. I know how to add a ruck and add weapons/rucks/items to your back, but cannot figure out how to add items to the ruck itself. I'm trying to make a black ops (using the BB Mod with Merc's) and I'd like to be able to carry a MIDF AUG in hand and then have a SD sniper rifle on my back with my ruck full of sniper rifle ammo so I can change weapons for close and long range tasks. Can anybody help me with this, PLEASE!
  14. i dont know why that happen. i reran the updater twice and reran the game afterward but it wouldnt work, but on the third time of running the updater i tried running the game again and whalla, it worked. so im wondering if it just wasn't grabbing those files or something. but i also ran the check userconfig files or something like that as well (i know thats where the .hpp files are), but it said everything was ok so im not sure exactly what did it the third time, but it now works. thanks for your help anyways FelixK44, i appreciate it tons.
  15. hey guys, i just updated ACE from the six suite updater and when I tried to start the game, this is what i got: Include file x/cba/addons/main/script_eventhandlers.hpp not found anybody know what this is all about? i can't figure it out.
  16. Hey Draper, great work, but I have a little issue with the transport feature. If you are on any map with hills/trees the transport will crash everytime and then says that it has been shot down, even if I haven't added any OPFOR units to shoot it down. I've been looking for a transport script for quite awhile that works with OA/ACE and all of them that I have tried only work on ARMA II (NO DLC/MOD). So this is really great for me, except for the fact that I die while being transported on any map that isn't flat. Is there anything that I can change within the script that you know of that could change that?
  17. I'd definitely like more information on the SOM module as well. I know that transport support options are available with the right script, but all the scripts that you find will ONLY work for ArmA II. If you have CO, OA, or BAF involved in your edited mission you are creating then it will not work. It only hovers over you and takes off. It will not land. If you get into the transport at a base or anywhere else you placed the chopper, it will deliver you to your destination, but it takes off very quickly (barely able to get out of the chopper), and it when it does lift off it goes about 20 ft up and just freezes there. It doesn't move. Does anybody know how to get this working for the CO, OA, or BAF expansions???
  18. Hey everybody, if there is anybody who is willing to help me out and teach me a something that I would really like to learn I would greatly appreciate it. Even if it comes down to having to pay to learn these things I will. Here are a list of things that I cannot figure out (at the moment, lol): Scripting (basically the ends and outs of scripting/learning the language and if there is a manual or something out there with the scripts and definitions of what they do would be great!) Config/Function Viewers (How are these viewers accessed and how are they used) Construction Interface (how am I able to access and use this module? Also how to gain money, use money, etc.... I set the construction interface module on the map and even though it says construction, when I hit the button it is blank and I am not able to build any buildings or defenses. In the same note, when I put buildings on the map and preview the mission I am not able to build any units or anything from these buildings so I also need to learn how to do that.) UAV/ULB/Support (How do I set up these capabilities. I add the terminals and modules, but I never can access the UAV terminal or UAV backpack terminal and when I hit the RMB and select ULB, it automatically says that the ULB was destroyed! I want to learn how to set up transports/artillery/mortar/etc.... I have noticed that if I put the small support module on the map, when I preview the mission it actually does allow me to get ammo drops, artillery, airstrikes, mortar, and reinforcements/paratroopers, but I'm just not sure if there is more to it. The transports is something I'd really like to know. Backpacks (I have only found that you can access the backpacks/ammo packs in the EMPTY category, but I'm never able to pick up any of these packs from the ground. I have tried using the synchronize and group option, but I'm still not able to do so, so I'm guessing it has something to do with scripting. I think that is pretty much it. I have tried reading some of these posts about these things, but they are written in such foreign language to me that I can't understand them. Which is why I know whoever decided to help me is probably going to invest some time helping me and I'd be willing to pay for your help. Maybe we could do it by phone or IM or something. I just really want to learn how to create my own missions/campaigns on ArmA 2: Combined Operations (ArmA II/Operation Arrowhead) Please help me!
  19. i have edited my post and apologized greatly for the way that i misunderstood the post. i guess i should post a public apology to WOlle so everybody knows that i know that i was wrong. WOlle I apologize. Sorry for overreacting.
  20. Thank you Gunter. I have been reading through everything, but I have yet to be able to figure any of it out. I keep trying to use the scripts to add backpacks and stuff but everytime I add the script into the intialization and ive tried every other box as well, it never works so I'm missing something. I did figure out how to access the functions/config viewer though. I thought they were two seperate viewers but I guess I was wrong. thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I looked all over the forums and stuff, but when you dont actually know exactlly what you're looking for it's hard to find it. If you have any tips or anything please feel free to give them because I really want to figure this out.
  21. I know that there are some guys out there who are going to reply just to be jerks, but I really need help trying to figure out a few things about editing. If there is anybody who is willing to get on IM or even a phone call/text I would greatly greatly appreciate it. Here is a list of things I need help with and just cant figure out. Config/function Viewers (how do I access and use?) Construction Interface (how do I set this up and be able to build base/defense units? How do I obtain and use the money in editing?) How can I use the factories/barracks/etc... in the mission I create? I can place them and even if I synchronize or group with my player I am still unable to use. This also includes UAV/ULB. Backpacks. I can place them through the empty option, but I am unable to pick them up or use them. The UAV backpack terminal just sits there and I'm unable to use it. SCRIPTING. Is there anywhere I can get a list of the scripts available that will also tell me what they are used for, etc.... I know this is a lot, but I would be willing to pay for somebody to help me if I have to. Please help me guys. ---------- Post added at 10:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:01 AM ---------- Thank you in advance for your help.