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  1. My apologies, but the developer is posting about 2.7 here, and I was making a response to a response that someone gave to him in this thread.
  2. Thanks for the update on Invasion 1944! If you need some motivation, ArmA 2 is definitely not dead. Our group plays 2 Invasion 1944 operations per month, and this Saturday we will have one of the largest scale multiplayer d-day operations ever in ArmA. All on a game that is apparently "dead", according to some 14 year old. Death never looked so good: http://i.imgur.com/kg6TVX2.png Keep up the good work Pac :)
  3. I have tried this with standard scripts too, and the tyres cannot be repaired. I mean no offence, but is it possible that you could check for a typo or something.
  4. Hi. This is a great vehicle, but unfortunately the tyres cannot be replaced by any of the standard scripts or ACE. This means that it isn't using standard naming for the tyre selections. Could anyone or the author please provide the tyre selection names?
  5. Good to know that you're working on it. I feel like one of my kids has been kidnapped when SIX Config Browser goes down...
  6. Will there be a release for A2:CO or are you just releasing for A3?
  7. Heaney

    SAM/Anti Missile systems question.

    Long range SAM systems like the S-300 are completely out of the scope of ArmA 3. One battery would be able to cover the entire of Altis. Short range units like Stinger and Igla are expected for air defence.
  8. Do you know if this was the cfg for the server itself or the HC?
  9. Heaney

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    For the MilSim community I would say "Yes, but not for a great deal of time" to the question here. Ever after release, there are several things that would make the gamers who play ArmA for milsim realism reluctant to replace ArmA 2: > ArmA 3's infantry movement is less realistic (smoother yes, but less realistic) > ACE for ArmA 3 will take a long time to get a proper (the key word) release, due to Xeno refusing and Sickboy busy with Play withSIX > The 2035 setting is not appealing for milsim (not authentic) > Hundreds of old addons that are frequently used, the authors of which have left ArmA, will not be available. Significantly relevant for groups who use exclusively the equipment of a certain military I think it will be the second half of 2014 at minimum before ArmA 3 replaces ArmA 2: CO. Also, not to complain but ArmA 3 is far less of a major change than the differences in the past. OFP --> A1 was a clear choice. So was A1 --> A2 (after ACE was released). ArmA 3 is... not so sure.
  10. Heaney

    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    Will you be releasing this for ArmA 2: CO as well? Please say yes. I'd love to see this in both, as many mods are doing.
  11. The problem is not that realistic effects would be harder to do GPU wise. Even ArmA 2: CO's effects are more realistic than ArmA 3. The problem is that ArmA 3 has gone for a more artistic artstyle rather than ArmA 2's pure realism art style. I for one resent this in what used to be a milsim series, but that's how it is. You won't get realistic effects from the devs. It will be in mods in a year or so.
  12. Heaney

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Yeah that works fine for me too, just getting lots of lag from this ACE update.
  13. I don't play DayZ anymore' date=' but ArmA 2: ACE/ACRE never gets hacked. If you judge a game by the network stability of its Alpha test, then you're insane.
  14. Did you and the rest of this thread fail to read the word after "ArmA 3" when you bought it?
  15. Awesome work so far! Are you setting is as the PLA in 2013 or 2035?