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  1. spitfirefrench

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Sorry if this is obvious or already mentioned somewhere (although I have had an extensive google of this), is there a way to disable the magic map markers? By which I mean the map markers drawn by the player and send to everyone's map via side, group or vehicle etc. I am assuming that the 'copy map' function is similar ye olde ACE 2 where the markers could be disabled and you would have to walk up to your squad member in order to obtain his map markers that were drawn. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. spitfirefrench

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    100% sure its objects, we tested everything! lol Us at 3CB be a scientific bunch... sort of
  3. spitfirefrench

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Hey guys, great mod! Some observations with regards to the medical facility during my testing with a Nimitz based mission, static object medical facility works on land, not when height is set to above the nimitz deck. Vehicle medical facility works in air and on land but as soon as it is flown over or landed on the nimitz deck the advanced heal option greys out, as soon as ship is not below us, option appears again. I hope this is something that can be fixed, I really hope to have a medical bay on the ship to fly casevacs to ;) Cheers guys and like I said, great mod and some even greater potential EDIT Upon further testing, it seems that the advanced treatment menu is greyed out when passing over ANY object. We flew over Kavala, every house, tree, rock and placed objects too, turn the option off. Hope this helps! So this obviously explains my problem when the medical facilities are placed over/on the nimitz
  4. I've still got no luck with CQB spawning on the dedi, got an email address for the rpt file? Did I read somewhere that you may have sorted it for the next release?
  5. sorry I've been away for a few days, I'll try and grab that RPT today
  6. it's all coming together ayy, well done cameroon. When my mission is finished I will upload a video as another example of cameroon's dynamic objection creation/deletion in action! Also, I've been having a problem spawning CQB units on our dedi since the last update... had no problems before that. Tried with military,civilian,JIP,server no combination works. It's the same for all maps, the units spawn during my testing in the editor just not when launched on the dedi AND yet another question, is there a way to initialise tacom analysis again so that the wait can be shortened, at the moment it takes ages to send the troops to objectives
  7. That would be great ;) otherwise the fact that there is no objective there anymore is rather moot. Is there a function that calculates the waypoints? maybe re-run that after the delete. Thanks for all the help, and while im at it, does anyone know of a guide on how to run HC for the CQB modules?
  8. Upon closer inspection, reinforcements still get sent to the removed objective, although when OPCOM debug is on the objective marker is removed so maybe there is a need to compile an updated list of objectives to the opcom. E.g. when an objective is removed, opcom rescans for objectives (obv the removed one will get ditched). It is out of my technical knowledge tho lol :p F5 is my friend today
  9. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. It works so far, I didn't even get any errors. When this is all finished I'll upload and show the power of the dynamic OPCOM objectives!
  10. Thanks for the reply, I'll give this a go and see what happens ;P , maybe one of the devs can shed some light on this error/generally clear this up? Cheers guys
  11. Thanks for the help, worked great. Only problem now is that when I use deletevehicle to remove the GL during the game, the objectives stay put. Is there any other way to manually disable an OPCOM objective during the game?
  12. spitfirefrench

    Bootcamp / VR Discussion (dev branch)

    Ok then maybe thats my bad :p However I still don't think its unreasonable to include access to the loadout editor inside the mission editor. AND line marking and a see-thru compass
  13. sorry if its been asked before (in the 337 pages :p), but is it possible to make the OPCOM choose ONLY the custom objectives I have assigned them? I.e. they won't have objectives on other military locations, just the ones I have deployed a gamelogic at. Is it also possible to remove custom objectives from the OPCOM by removing the gamelogic with a 'deletevehicle' command? I have a script at the moment which I hope will be able to remove the objectives and force the enemy to fall back or concentrate on other objectives once the script has run (by an addaction on a laptop) Cheers guys
  14. spitfirefrench

    Bootcamp / VR Discussion (dev branch)

    well yes of course thats option, it would be nice to not have to keep alt - tabbing and AFAIK, running 2 simultaneous arma 3's cannot be done..
  15. spitfirefrench

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    sorry if this has been mentioned but are there any plans to include more extensive map tools, like 'that mod'? Or maybe see about including FHQ map draw and improve upon that?? Cheers and great work so far