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    Multi-Player Madness

    Don't know if some of you played a game called Red Orchestra , but in this game , everytime you joined a server , the client would auto-download the map or objects that are used in that server . Would have been useful to have that in the Arma2 multi , just my opinion though Also that's a pity the radio comms system is not very functional for everybody in Arma2 , forcing people to go on private Teamspeak servers . i have high hopes for Arma3 in this regard , i hope they 'll put an integrated system on the model of the ACRE mod , and that it will work flawlessly for everybody in the same team/group , so that people can join public servers and still have an immersive experience with teamplay and comms immediately The other thing is the fact that in my humble opinion , the netcode of Arma has room for improvements in order to attract a large PvP crowd (warping , various lag mainly but also some use scripts that can hack the game .... (last time a guy used a human missile and crashed on base nuking everyone , or guys using SMAW that can fire indefinetely without ammos ... ) , probably why many put passwords on their server to make sure there aren't many players and that those who are there are playing fair
  2. Ians

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    Amen , i quit Arma for 3 years , recently came back ... i have exactly the same feeling But this is not the worst , the worst is when it takes you a lot of time to search and install the right mods , then you join a server , say "hello" , ready to join their ts , make up your gear , then you get kicked for no reason .... happened to me last time with TK server , the bassas didn't even give me a chance , they kicked me right away , twice ... then after people complain not many play Arma online ... this is the best way to get people to desert arma online ... Now i just join servers when there is only a few people , if my hello is not answered , i just quit , cause 95% of the time , it means the people in that server are not interested in teamplay , sounds like a cliché , but is backed up by my own experience . I agree i'm kinda sick of domination too , i very much prefer user made coop missions , like i used to play in the past , but for some reasons it's now extremely rare to find one , let alone one without custom addons . Lately i had quite some fun with kind people in the mission " War in Takistan" i thought this concept of mission is great and more or less forces teamplay , and is not as insanely repetitive as domination , although i admit domi has its merits too , and i played domi much more than War in Takistan so far Anyway .... i only use ACE now , usually people who bothered to download and update it are more concerned about immersion and teamwork , and i only play in small servers where there is 2-6 guys working together , still have some disappointment sometimes , but overall it seems to work better for me
  3. Ians

    User mission requests!

    Thanks , i knew about those , they' re very nice missions , however i had to edit the mission myself to add ammo boxes , because default weapons were not sniper rifles ( Colt M4 5.56mm silenced ) , and also to have Vector1B + batteries + Kestrel (bare minimum for a sniper ) and other stuffs i use to secure my position like M86 mines but thanks for your suggestion stk008 ;) I advise you to search for "DeepSandbox" missions , which have respawns : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=121969
  4. cool , thanks for posting Tisman ! :) i thought it was not compatible and would crash my sp missions , good to know i finally can use them as it is , cheers :)
  5. Thanks a lot Jedra ! Very kind of you to take the time to explain me , cheers mate :) Edit : ok i tried to edit and it works , however you need to change value to 0 to have perfect real time ( i tried to change value to 1 but then 1 second in real life meant 2 seconds in game ) , thanks ! :)
  6. Yes i understand Jedra , thx for answer mate ;) I still think it would be great if someone could convert these weapons into ACE really : French weapons would no longer be relegated to a small niche public , but rather available to all online , and looking at the high quality of this mod and intent of realism , i think it deserves to be available to more people , the community would be a winner , but it's just my opinion , cheers :)
  7. Ians

    User mission requests!

    Hello :) I 'd really like to find any decent mission that works with ACE , where we can choose the full extent of ACE equipment , meaning : -Kestrel -Vector21B with batteries -ruck sacks -bandages , morphine etc -DAGR It's incredible the amount of SP missions i had to go through these last days , where it is impossible to find these tools ... 99% don't have it ... i always have to unpbo the mission , put it in arma documents folder then edit it myself to add "other weapon" box and "other items" box at the starting position , very annoying Also i'd want such a mission where we do NOT control AI , or maximum one or two AI , not more . I also can't seem to find a simple sniper mission (go to X spot , kill mister Y ) that works with ACE and have these items , i completed Team Shadow sniper campaign (which was really Awesome overall ) but did not find another campaign or mission like that , in the same spirit of true sniper mission where you don't shoot dozens of rounds , can't afford to shoot on patrols and have a precise target at given time/space location So in short : Simple missions (not many triggers and complicated objectives ) , preferably sniper but also specops one , i personally don't care of voice acting , all ACE items i listed must be available and equippable at start , few AI with you ( or at least an option to disable their movement and make sure " hold fire" truly means "hold fire" to them ) Thanks a lot for suggestions if you have one , cheers :)
  8. Thank you very much for your mission , i had quite some fun with it lately and i'm glad it worked with ACE , however i have one question please : How can you get you get rid of the accelerated time ? i'd like to have normal time where 1 second is one second , cause currently , night and day switch way too fast for me , often making it pointless to use a scoped weapon , except the M110 NV Would be nice to know what i need to change in order to have realistic time flow , thanks a lot ;)
  9. Actually , it's if it wasn't compatible that it should have been mentionned in the first page , it would have avoided 4 people losing time , but thank you for your answer , even though it was not really a kind one ;) ACE is used by nearly half the the ARMA community , when your mod is not ACE compatible , you are basically telling half the community to shove off , i don't think it 'd have broken the hand of the OP to write "not ACE compatible " in the first page , but nevermind ;) I'd have loved to try this mod , but if it means i have to give up on dozens essential mods that goes with ACE , it's a pity . Hopefully compatibility with ACE will be looked at since these weapons looks really high quality , particularly the sniper rifles , cheers :)
  10. Is this mod compatible with ACE please ?
  11. Your mod's idea seems interesting ! It's a bit beyond the American civil war scope , but i was thinking that if you manage to create a world where it is possible to use , capture and sell horses , and model many 19th century lever action rifles and revolvers , you could actually come up with a Wild West simulation ! That could be awesome with the right map and reworked "towns" and buildings to give the "western" feeling , i'm pretty sure it could become popular online if you create a sandbox environment to go with it , almost rpg like missions where you are either a cow-boy or an indian , you got a village as your own base and you need to make money or help the governement to free some lands for gold rush settlers or protect bank transfers (imagine if you can model stagecoach or a few railway lines that you could blow with satchels or TNT , and with modelled train ) or simply defend your village or become a bounty hunter etc.. . Sorry for digressing , but such a mod would be fun too :)
  12. Ians

    ACE for OA 1.11

    True , the grass is still one of the AI's advantage , although if you're prone and perfectly still behind a large plant , AI won't see you most of the time , unless you were detected before and they know you are in the area Anyway , i'll try to answer some of your question Bucic : 1) If you don't have earplug (if you have , you need to press ACE self interaction key and choose to equip them , which is by default on "App key " , the key just to the left of "right CTRL" , which opens a sub menu where you can equip googles/masks/earplugs etc ..) So if you don't have earplugs , i think the only way to avoid ruining your ears is to stay at least 2 meters away from loud stuffs like a MG guy or anti-material sniper , and i you use very loud weapons , just make sure you're not firing auto mode or firing too often 2) i'm sorry but i don't understand this question , because i was never wounded by a MAAWS when using it . the few times i'ev got injured with MAAWS is when someone suddenly positions himself just in front of me in the thick of a fight , and then fires his MAAWS without warning , so you take the back-fire of the MAAWS launcher on your face , which can severely injure if not kill 3) Switching to CQB sights for most assault rifles works like in OA , i don't think ACE 1.11 changed that (it added other sights though , like on MK17rco with grenade launcher , there are 3 different sights : rco , sort of aimpoint and iron sight in ACE ) it's basically the same key as in default arrowhead (i changed the key config entirely since i always used keyboard arrows (up, down, left , right ) to move , so i had to change everything ) , but i suspect that if your OA key doesn't work , there must be some kind of conflict in your keys I had such conflicts in my game , for instance when using the Vector-1B googles at night ... i couldn't find the key to have NV enabled in the Vector-1B ... but then i realized it was the same key as switching to CQB sights on weapons .. Or for instance , another conflict : when using Telescope spotting device for snipers : i could enter in the telescope but not see through it .... then i searched on the net and realized i had to assign a secondary aim key ( default aiming for me is "right mouse button " ) because it conflicted with the zooming option you have when looking through a scope , so i assigned a secondary aiming key , and voila , i could see through spotting telescope , but also other stuff like some Fixed heavy weapons with scopes etc
  13. Ians

    whats your favorite mod?

    I only play with ACE mod , so for me the answer is obvious ... i simply don't understand why nearly everybody is not playing with ACE already in the A2 community , it's such a huge leap forward in term of realism and its dozens of vital features and equipment , that apart from those who can't get past the installation (or learn a few ACE keys ..) , i simply don't get how one can ignore ACE , as Arma is meant to be a proper military simulation ....
  14. Thanks a lot for your mod , i DL it immediately , i loved your MBG2_buildings , was a great addition to the sim (especially for special ops missions or sniping ones ) , glad to see you are still working on it and released some more quality models :)
  15. Thank you for sharing Moerderhoschi ! ;) i can never get enough of sniper missions working with ACE , especially the infiltration-assassination type :)
  16. Ians

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Thanks a lot Robalo_AS , that's kind of you :)
  17. Ians

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Is there a forum about ACE mod , where i can actually get answers to my questions please ? I mean i post politely 3 valid questions , no one never answers in this forum , let alone this thread , can someone please point me to a forum where ACE mod and features are debated ??
  18. Is this mod compatible with ACE 1.11 or not ? Thanks for answer
  19. Ians

    Arma III Sniping Mechanics

    This is why even though i'll definitely buy arma3 when it's out , i'll still play Arma2 with ACE for a while because it is clearly the most realistic experience we have for sniping so far Unless ARMA3 introduce most of ACE main features , at least the dynamic wind and more realistic fatigue and wounding system , wait and see .
  20. I really hope the truly amazing work the community put into the ACE mod will be easily ported to Arma 3
  21. Ians

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Hi , i wanted to know if it will be possible to connect the DAGR to the GLTII SOFLAM laser designator in future versions of ACE mod ? thx for answer
  22. Ians

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    Ohhh ok ! thank you for answer Fleepee , that's kind of you ;)
  23. Ians

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    How do you put the Kord in the truck please ? in the first mission , it tells me to put the Kord in the truck but i didnt manage to do it thank you for the campaign btw ;)
  24. Well , pretty straightforward question .. i'm new and didn't find an answer I bought the BAF even though i'm not British , and i thought it was a good add-on (except the sound of weapons , but that's the case for arma 2 and OA too i noticed , so i installed CSM BAF mod to fix it ) , the overall quality of this DLC was good and i like it i just wanted to know if there is a possibility of seeing BIS official French (maybe F.Foreign Legion ? )and/or German (apart from a few version G-36 ) in the future ? i mean troops and equipment (rifles , launchers , choppers , tanks , vehicles and planes ) any time soon ? i'd buy another major EU military force Thank you for answer