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  1. I havent looked into that but I have no objections to it. I will look into it when I get a chance
  2. Gday all, I have encountered a rather strange issue; I have two vehicles with a section mounted as well as a fire team in each. The fire teams are both meant to disembark at "Get out" waypoints which is synch'd to their respective vehicle move waypoint. This worked with no issues (as expected and as it has done 100s of times) however in the last few hours it has started behaving strangely; the fire teams are becoming reluctant to get out! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vghjxzfrosjevl0/2016-02-26_00001.jpg Sometimes both groups will get out, sometimes only one will get out and sometimes they will both remain in their vehicles. I have tried a range of different ways to get it to work then eventually gave up and decided to force them out via script. I added a move waypoint to the vehicles just prior to the move waypoint where the dismount is to occur and executed the following script on the respective fire team groups: { unassignVehicle (_x); (_x) action ["EJECT", vehicle _x]; sleep 0.4; } foreach units _group; Again; this works as it should initially (ie. Dismounts them at the point) however again, half the time one or both will decide they want to remount. I then deleted the "Get out" waypoint so the fire team's current waypoints were 400m away from the dismount location ("Move") however again, sometimes they will move and sometimes they will chase after the vehicle and remount. The only thing I can think of is the larger amount of groups than normal (21) however I have run these sizes before and had no issues (And wasnt an issue with this one until an hour or so ago). I am also only running one script (that isnt even called at the stage the fire teams are meant to dismount). Very interested to hear of any ideas as to why this (inconsistent) behaviour might be occurring. I am using the 3DEN editor however I do not expect that to be the cause of the issues.
  3. Ahh sorry - not sure how I missed that one. Good luck with the new project!
  4. I highly doubt it can be directly brought over but a great AI FO script from A2 is here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/120340-blakes-ai-forward-observer/ That said; a core part of game design is you dont actually need to realistically simulate something... it only has to appear that way to the player. If you can do it more efficiently and achieve the same endstate, the player wont know the difference. Joe98's suggestion seems to be quickest and easiest.
  5. Cheers! It was surprisingly doable and a total conversion mod with that kind of gameplay is definitely doable although it would be quite the time investment. Purely born out of a desire to attempt something completely different to all the other offerings. My thoughts (if I had time) were to introduce a a new very simple cartoony terrain and models to meet the aesthetic of it. A team with some dedicated modelers could definitely pull it off.......... I know the feeling! Although forgive me if my (vain?) hope is that Disney replies with the green light for this mod. Otherwise - do you have any big picture idea concepts you are up for sharing?
  6. Ha not top secret... nothing that exciting! Just an idea that came to me after I saw a few things about people not benig able to see aircraft at longer range (ie. less than object draw distance). Managed to get a solution (Vid below shows extreme example of aircraft visible at 20km (with 5km draw distance) ) however I need to scale the fake 'image' manually based off individual object draw distance vs actual aircraft range. https://youtu.be/abPkAt-0CZE Thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187566-aircraft-visible-to-player-at-distances-above-render-distance/ I tried using heat hazes etc and while it distorted the image the scale mismatch is still apparent. I doubt this will be a widely adpoted set of scripts; more just for people that have to run at low draw distance or people using powerful optics for aircraft spotting.
  7. I dont think there is any way to physically scale an in game model (would love to know if that is an incorrect assumption though) however does anyone know of a way to make an object appear smaller? It only needs to work from one direction (from where the player is looking). The only thing I can think of is using particle effects to create a haze which may give the impression of somewhat distort an objects size however it is far from ideal. Anyone have any other cunning ideas?
  8. You want something completely different from the normal mods..? How about something like the ARPG style mod concept I was working on. Unfortunately I have nowhere near enough time to continue this now as it is a pretty large scope... But definitely doable and pretty different to anything else. (Would also benefit a lot from additional model content/maps to put your amazing artists to work!)
  9. That is a very handy tool but for slightly different applications; If you zoom in that one only set your object distance to your view distance (and wont change if you have a lower field of view normally). eg. if your view distance is 3km the above will only show things out to 3km when you are zoomed in - if your mate is playing with 5km view distance you still wont be able to see what he sees. Likewise if your view distance is 5km but object distance is only 1km, you wont be able to see aircraft at 1.1km unless you zoom in where it sounds like they are. It is excellent for longer range recon and sniping but not for what I am doing. This one will show aircraft well outside view distance. (Threshold distance configurable) 2nd video; out to 20km+ with transition between real object and image. https://youtu.be/abPkAt-0CZE
  10. Hmmm unfortunately it appears as though you are right. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/145006-disablecollisionwith-enablecollisionwith/?p=2325982 indicated it was unexpected however you actually posted a bug tracker point in 2013 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=7842 which was added changed to a feature request (within a month of posting) as disablecollision has no effect on physx objects. Unfortunately this doesnt appear to have been touched since. It is counter intuitive as within the editor the syntax prompt remains "vehicle disableCollisionWith vehicle" It appears that the only way to disable collisions between two physx objects is to attach them together... which is far from ideal... The workaround I have currently just uses bounding box size and distance to avoid collisions with each other but it still means the _visualObj can collide with other objects.... Unless I check for anything in a radius I guess. Not sure why they are still exploding on collision with enableDamage set to false though...?
  11. A big limitation for some long range activities can be the render distance of objects. The example that prompted this was spotting aircraft past object draw distance (either due to very low draw distance or via optics). I am trying to tee up a small set of scripts that will remove this issue and have the basics of it working. The current real drawback is the size of the aircraft stand in (aircraft image outside render distance) doesnt scale based on distance but the basics of it seem to work ok. Unfortunately I cant work out how to embed a youtube video but the link is here (30 second vid demonstrating it in action). https://youtu.be/WG5vD0nzNk8 It isnt much and just a side project but for some people struggling to get decent view distance it might help so I figured I would put it on here. Note this is just for visual identification; at this point you wont be able to target it until it is inside view distance but am looking at other options there as well. Outstanding items: - Fix scaling (I dont think you can scale models inside the Arma engine but will look into image effects etc to see if they can help) - Look into targeting options
  12. Gday all, I have the following script (extract) which is being run on an aircraft (_visualObj and _unitToTrack are both the same type of vehicle, _unitToTrack is occupied, _visualObj is empty) { _visualObj disableCollisionWith _x; } forEach allUnits; _visualObj disableCollisionWith _unitToTrack; _unitToTrack disableCollisionWith _visualObj; _unitToTrack allowDamage false; _visualObj allowDamage false; _visualObj enableSimulation false; ... .. ... _visualObj setPos _posToSet; When _posToSet is near _unitToTrack, they are colliding and exploding, regardless of the fact that collisions and damage is disabled. The command should work as I have tried walking through a plane on the ground with the above and it is all good, but when AI or myself flies with the above code, we still collider with the _visualObj. 1. Why is this occurring?? 2. Is there a way around this? It seems to be quite strange behaviour...
  13. Strewth - sorry for absence in this thread, I checked on it a few days after I posted and there was nothing but notifications must have been turned off... oops! It seems that most of the issues that were raised have been sorted but basically these are just simple scripts to add to your mission files. As Orcinus said it is just a matter of saving the scripts in your mission file (Even if you dont tinker with scripts normally, Notepad++ is a worthy download!) and putting this line in the init line of the chopper in the editor: nul = [this] execVM "slavedGunInit.sqf" The sqf files should just be placed in your mission root folder before you pack it (same dir as your mission.sqm) but this will require an AI gunner to work. There are no issues with this being used on pure AI choppers as the slaved toggle is something that a player pilot has turn on/off specifically. It could definitely be turned into an addon (and more than happy to do that if people want and/or someone can take these as a base for a mod) but the reason I shied away from it is it is a bit too hackish at the moment... You need an AI gunner because as far as I can tell there is no way to access (set) the cannon orientation via script. The benefit of the current implementation is the AI gunner is basically simulating the software that takes your look rotation and gives it to the gun so the actual affect is not too bad. It is not perfect by any stretch (and if your gunner gets killed, unfortunately a bit of shrapnel must also hit the slaved cannon computer... ha!) but it does the job in the interim and can be VERY satisfying even with just mouselook. I would be very interested to see how it works with VR headsets if anyone has tried it!
  14. NZiwasogo ( http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172251-N-Ziwasogo-A3-terrain-%28Released%29 ) Needs A3MP but best representation of more tropical terrain I have seen yet... Cant say enough positive things about this one!!
  15. Absolutely awesome mate. I have been hanging for a decent Australia map. Looks amazing so far; excellent contrast between desert, aussie bush, rural and (I am guessing) bigger population centres. It looks like you have nailed parts of the northern/central QLD coast! The one thing I hope is as amazing as the rest is the jungle. One map that I think has done a great job is NZiwasogo ( http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172251-N-Ziwasogo-A3-terrain-%28Released%29 ) - Any chance the tropics will get some decent love? Keep up the great work and give me a bell if there is anything you need help with.