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  1. You think you are going to fool us into buying your games again? How about you fixing that modding problem you had with your first game and we'll see about buying this.
  2. therussiandong

    How you got started with modding ArmA

    Slatts? What about configs? How did you get started with them? The guide you provided hardly explains them and it seems to mainly apply to OFP.
  3. therussiandong

    Military SciFi Projects Thread

    Lookin' good b00ce. Can't wait to see more. cfg's confuse the hell out of me... I feel your pain.
  4. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    Yes and I agree, some slight modifications and boom! You got a MOUT course. It just seems that Call of Duty would be a buzzword here on the ArmA forums.
  5. I mean that the modding in this game is awfully restricted. It would be easier and better just to do it for ArmA 2 or 3.
  6. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    As long as I get to go civilian SCUBA diving with all the extremely dangerous Aussie animals. I would get the impression that some people would angry over this, only seeing the MW3 part of it. But I think it could have potential in learning CQC combat. THIS!!! Aircraft carriers... Frigates.. Destroyers... Corvettes.. Submarines.. It sounds beautiful.
  7. I've always wanted a dog mod that worked correctly. This is the last game we are going to be getting those though. Maybe ArmA 3
  8. therussiandong

    How you got started with modding ArmA

    GET A LOAD OF THIS GUY... Slatts. Thank you very much man. I've never seen that website but I can tell its going to do wonders for me. Hopefully some other people will share their secrets too.
  9. Not asking for a tutorial here. I am looking at the big modders that I see produce quality work very frequently and simply asking: "How did you get introduced and familiarized with the BI Tools such as: Oxygen2 and Vistor3?" I'm trying to get my foot in the door but all the tutorials I see online aren't really helping much..
  10. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    How would a TRON mod even work...?
  11. therussiandong

    DCS: Combined Arms

    This looks so damn incredible!!! I can not wait. I've tried looking for more information but is there any estimated release time for it?
  12. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    YES! I always liked the political/economical aspects in strategy games and I wondered what it would be like in an ArmA type game mode. What if you are in command of like... guerrilla/insurgent fighters secretly who are engaging the forces on the island and publicly, you are a politician trying to manage your own town and eventually take the island back? And if someone did make this type of gamemode, I would be interested in seeing how it would work on my UNSC mod.
  13. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    Yeah, if mods could possibly merge this one with the one NoRailgunner linked that'd be really appreciated.
  14. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    My bad.. I did a search for similar threads but didn't find one. The goal behind this thread was to spark excitement and seek collaboration on possible future modding projects. I actually had two ideas in mind that I wanted to get the community's opinion on: 1. A modern Nazi Germany "4th Reich" mod which would add a possible future rise to power of another fuhrer. and 2. A "Halo" mod of sorts. What I planned to add was the UNSC Marines, Navy and Air Force to battle against the United Rebel Front (URF). With this, the Halo lovers (myself included) can get an ArmA taste of Halo while sticking to a more plausible/realistic enemy. Insurrectionists trying to take down the UNSC and its government instead of cult following aliens.
  15. therussiandong

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    I know that the game is AT LEAST 6 months away still, but I am interested if anyone has any good mod ideas they have thought of? Why don't you share it with the rest of the class? There's no shame here.