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    Music Recommendations

  2. Dreahack

    Improvements to third person view?

    remove 3rd view for infantry and let it only for vehicles ...that will do something.
  3. Dreahack

    Arma 2: OA Beta build 83553

    please,lower impact damage when plane hit the dirt while landing...
  4. Dreahack

    ArmA 2 OA Beta Build 83363

    The BTR90 bug is already posted there: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/23081
  5. Dreahack

    ArmA 2 OA Beta Build 83363

    Please fix that BTR90 problem. If you put AIs in BTR90 and ennemies around them the BTR90 doesnt attack them...
  6. Dreahack

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    i really love that customizable weapons idea, Taking weapons on bodies should be less frustration than opening a gear menu and choose what to take and not ---------- Post added at 02:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:49 AM ---------- can you change the PBO system at all ? I need to be able to mod my game's sound vegetation and textures without being on a server that doesnt allow mods. i mean separating sounds and textures from PBO... (like in counter strike) i hope you got the idea...
  7. there's a small problem,when i use ALT+TAB and go back to game i have loading menu and black screen,then the game continues ... Thanks Gossamer by the way
  8. not working for me x64 win 7 and steam arma 2 oa
  9. I civil engineering,there's a disance around airfields in which you shouldnt have trees and high buildings around them. sadly only the airfield near vybor respects this rule...but the others (takistan and chernaus) don't...:j:
  10. Dreahack

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    That's all i want,just the feeling...
  11. Dreahack

    Vehicles armor bug ?

    Just go to editor,place an AH1Z,and shoot it with Metis while it's on the ground,if it blows up ... I'm not talking about experience during MP games,i am talking about a bug which can be verified via simple tests
  12. Dreahack

    Graphics engine improvement

    Just please remake the game with your new engine ... Rocket launcher kills a tank but not a helicopter on the ground .... what a big joke.
  13. Dreahack

    Speed up the planes a bit

    Hi Ulanthorn, I agree with you that TAB makes things easy,but the whole game should be reviewed to get rid of it. First of all view distance shouldnt be limited,you should be able to have visual on targets.Second vehicles,position refresh rate should be high so u can shoot them accurately. Sometimes ,you guide a missile to vehicle but just one second before it hits it the vehicle jumps to another position...
  14. Dreahack

    New vehicles for the next patch

    For people saying that new vehicles come with DLC,i say that BIS added AH64 with a simple patch,maybe they can replace the T90 with the modern T90 or just modify its armor.
  15. I saw that in the game the launcher has a maximum range of 1500 m last week in a training(real army :)), we shot a target 2200m far . 2000 m should be good.