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    Robalo's ACE configs

    This would be nice to have a config for as well, since theres more functionality added, than in most packs. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14197 Thanks for the work you've done already so far.
  2. Thanks man! Edit, that technically didn't work, but it was close and thank you for the help. This was what ended up being the successful condition parameter just in case anybody else ends up needing the same thing in the future. this && (vehicle player) in thisList && (fuel (vehicle player) < 0.9) && abs(Speed vehicle Player) < 5;
  3. I'm setting up a mission on a couple of aircraft carriers, and I want to be able to have fresh aircraft launching from the deck, as other aircraft are returning from combat to refit, and head back out into combat. The mission is also PvP, air combat, so i need a trigger for both sides. Due to the nature of things, I cant really setup a trigger wide enough to get the returning planes into it, but keep it narrow enough that fresh planes don't enter the trigger and have to go back through the refit sequence when there is no point to it. Id like fresh planes to be able to pass through the trigger without notice, as well as prevent the trigger from attempting to refit aircraft that are buzzing the tower lol. My main question is about the trigger conditions. I'm really horrible at this stuff, so I'd really appreciate the help. Its the only thing left to work out before my mission is ready. This what I came up with looking at examples on the forum, but it doesn't work.... this && player in thisList && (fuel (vehicle player) < 0.9) && (speed (vehicle player)) < 5; I have the fuel check in there, so that fresh aircraft aren't refitted, and the speed check so flying aircraft wont be refitted either.
  4. Lt Gunner

    daveygarys Rangers

    Thats one way to do it... is there another classname that could be entered into the replacement config that would call on the ruckless model?
  5. Lt Gunner

    daveygarys Rangers

    of course im running ace... arma isnt worth playing without it...nevermind the haters! What should be the classname? i cant find it on the documentation on the dev heaven stuff for ace
  6. Lt Gunner

    daveygarys Rangers

    Hey Lao Fei Mao, In your replacement config, the medic skin doesnt get replaced. I de-pbo'ed it and took a look to see if i could make a quick change, but its over my head whats wrong. Could you double check it and see about releasing an updated replacement config?
  7. Is there an idiots guide to setting up a repo anywhere? Ive read the guide that you have posted a few times sickboy, and its only taken me so far. I'm not that educated when it comes to this stuff, so I don't know what half the crap your talking about is... I was able to push the repo, and i see the repo files on the ftp, but i dont see it showing up in the list of available mods for download on the SU.
  8. Lt Gunner

    RH wip thread

    I actually wanted to mention/request some suppressed versions of the mk46/48, but i figured too many people would just laugh. All those little details Ryujin posted about would be sweet to see, especially the proper butt stocks. I know you mentioned earlier that you dont have a model of that butt stock laying around anywhere though. It would be nice if somebody that had one, or could build one would donate it.
  9. Did a test of the fastroping, guys can fast rope no problem if its a human pilot.
  10. It would be nice if mando score could be enabled in the ESC menu like many other mods (digital compass, VF Ladders, etc). I understand that there are a lot of "zerglings" that need to fluff up their egos by killing everything they can in domination servers, but for those of us who don't care about scores, having this in the action menu just adds more clutter at no benefit. It is a cool feature, and it looks very nice I'll say. Just not wanted by everybody that uses your excellent mod. Thanks.
  11. Lt Gunner

    RH wip thread

    You rock dude!
  12. Lt Gunner

    RH wip thread

    An EO Tech is the BEST thing you can put on any machine gun! I mean that IRL too, I had an EO Tech on my SAW when I was in Iraq, and it was quite common actually. It would also be nice to have a more accurate representation of the EO Tech as well.... 1 MOA center dot, and the 60 MOA ring, only 1MOA thick. as it is now in ACE and your EO Tech, everything is 4 MOA thick. kinda ruins the whole usefulness of the EO Tech, and makes them only a visual prefrence over the CCO (Aimpoint) that is supposed to have a 4 MOA center dot. That would be nice, but Ill be happy with the shorty MK46/48 as long as it has some eo tech and acog/doctor versions.
  13. Lt Gunner

    RH wip thread

    Those look great RH, however on the MK 46/48 the M16 magazine adapter well (the angular piece beneath the ammo belt) should be removed. Thanks for coming through on my request, and I could be so allowed to make a request on top of that :) Could you put a collapse able stock on those bad boys, and plenty of optics?
  14. Well that was easy.. guess my old habits kinda screwed me over there. I'm not used to it being so easy I guess. Thanks Sickboy. kudos on your work too btw.
  15. I'm having an issue Sickboy. I searched through the thread to try to find an answer, but no luck. I have a Steam version of both games installed (A2 and OA) and run combined arms with no issue. However the Six updater has issues detecting that i have CO installed. With the original version of Six updater i was able to go into Configuration/Settings and edit the default setting and force it into the CO mode and keep the Acex_RU up to date. I recently installed the SU 2.1 and am having problems doing the same task. The very first time I opened the SU 2.1 I was able to go into profiles and set the A2 OA Any (Auto Detect) profile to ArmA2OACo. I hit save, and after a bit of delay things looked as they should. However the next time I opened SU 2.1, things were back to default, and I cant repeat the initial success I had. No matter what I do now (Reinstall/Restarts), I can never get ACEX_RU to show up as compatible. I feel that a possible solution in the future could possibly be to allow selection of both .exe files, arma 2 and OA in the settings, rather than just a single .exe file. As it is I can only get SU 2.1 to detect that I have ArmA2, or OA, but never both. It would be nice to have this functionality for those of us on Steam.