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  1. RobMac

    Underwater element. What is the point?

    Well, one of the selling points of arma , has always been , that the missions are completed completely up to you. The underwater aspect just adds in more possibilities and tactical choices. I personally would like some large subs that you could raid. Maybe a bit fan boy'y. But i think that would be a cool mission.
  2. I think someone on my teamspeak said I44 used a script for bayonets.
  3. Two questions! Are you still going to update the original SA80 A2 models, ie no RIS rails. And would you consider models with bayonets for authenticity sakes? Make be able to get you reference for sight reticle, but i will PM you if I can.
  4. Hi guys, got up, and this was on the BBC news front page! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-16745015 Quite interesting!
  5. Hi guys, I am about to create a series of missions featuring the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani from the PRACS mod. So, i was wondering how i would make a template for a fob? Do i use the 3d editor? Got any tips? Thanks
  6. yes Gunter, i know there are mods...if i have an expansion, i must have operation arrowhead.
  7. Best quote i have read about ArmA 2 is : "The gaming worlds best kept secret" And it really is. BI has never bowed the the gaming console generations, and hopefully will continue to produce these games - AND EXPANSIONS FOR ARMA 2
  8. What's the difference between BI's expansions and other game's expansions? Well, a game I shall not name, will charge you £20 for a couple of tiny maps. BI in two great expansions has supplied us with a Full large map, and a new force with an assortments of weapons, and vehicles. I picked mine up for £7.99 off steam. But, i understand BI are working on Take On helicopters, and ArmA III. But, my plea is! Please don't forget about ArmA II. Its a great game, and i would still like to see some official Expansions from BI. Thanks!
  9. When i am importing satalite and mask, i get an error after selecting of "p:\qwai\data\Layers\S_000_000_lco.png" please help. many thanks SOVLED
  10. RobMac

    Visitor 3 Crash Win 7

    I reinstalled the tools about 3 times, and it is sorted. It was going unresponsive, and then crashing.
  11. Using windows 7, and i am attempting to build first map, and when trying to import a height map from picture, the visitor is crashing. I am following this tutorial : http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=1576
  12. Hi there, Got into editing and making missions, but i have hit a wall. I want to combine the Addon units 3Para and the commandos, since you cant use them as separate files. Please help me out. Thanks for any help :)