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  1. BlackhatEspeed

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    I'm also working on some servers for this as well, there should be at least 4 dedicated servers up for the mission soon as well. I had to go and upgrade the CPU's so they could handle delivery of it though.
  2. BlackhatEspeed

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Seems like the AI is laggy, I'm not sure if that's because of the CPU's I have or what, but whenever I enable AI, it lags prettty bad.
  3. Zeitgeist Dark Fibre Networks: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zeitgeist Underground Military Base - WASP Warfare RHS Zeitgeist Underground Military Base - TacOps Domination Zeitgeist Underground Military Base - BECTI Warfare RHS WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! REQUIRES ZDFN MOD PACK TO PLAY (All our servers require our mod pack) Download Mod Pack : http://www.zeitgeistcloud.com/downloads/ZDFNModPackV1.0.rar Modpack has Allinarmaterrain pack, and tac ops skins, F18X wasp, CBA, etc.. @allinarmaterrainpack @CBA_A3 @FA18X_Black_Wasp @JS_JC_SU35 @RDS @RHSAFRF @RHSUSAF @tacops @USAF Description WASP Warfare is a typical CTI mission in Arma 3. Both teams aim to destroy all opponent's bases and MHQ. By capturing cities scattered across the island, you got the resources needed to develop your base, upgrade your army and buy new vehicles. To capture the town, a team has tu clean it up from resistance forces, consisting of heavily armed guerillas. You have everything you need at your disposal: from small arms through MBTs and IFVs to aircrafts ans supply droppings. Team up with the players, plan the assaults, fight together to gain a victory! This server requires mods, you can download these mods in the teamspeak. The Teamspeak server is : server IP: zeitgeistcloud.com or I've been working on building a state of the art Xeon server to handle a mass amount of players. I will be updating the server again soon with CPU's we have recently ordered.
  4. Hello, At this point I have seen guides for linux dedicated servers, at this point I own all the Arma 2 games and the expansion packs on steam. I have uploaded both folders to my CentOS 5 linux dedicated server. I was wondering if there was any additional setup required to get Combined Operation linux servers running. Maybe if I needed to merge the folders together or something like that. Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated... thanks