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  1. Excellent news, thanks for the reply!
  2. Any news guys? Loving ONS, keep at it if ur not ;P
  3. Hey guys me again, just wanted to bring another correction to the table for you: should the helicopter not be written as "Griffon" rather than "Griffen?" Just wanted to bring that up, keep up the great work guys.
  4. Woohoo! Getting the leo out now! lol I love tanks... O.o Looks like the mod is coming along great, keep up the awesome work guys.
  5. Oh, lol sorry to bother again but is it just me or does the ONS pilot have american flags on his jumpsuit? lol
  6. Ah yes, I only launched arrowhead yesterday and did combined ops this morning. lol
  7. Just want to leave this feedback here in reference to my earlier post bout the pilot's arms: Launched the game earlier this morning and the guy was holding the C8 (CQB ithink its called) perfectly fine, no alien arms or anything.
  8. Works good for me with what I have explored except for ONE thing: When I take a pilot out of either the Griffon or the CC-130 his left arm is super long and streched horizontally out to his side and the other is sticking through his torso. LOL Other than that, epic. Has the leopard still not made it in or did i make in error in installing this?
  9. Awesome, can't wait to take it for a spin :D
  10. =D I hope it does show up, I'm super excited to see how the mods coming along!
  11. Uh, sorry to sound incredibly noobish here but where could I expect to download the newest update when it is released? Currently all I know of is the Armaholic version lol... Sorry again, I only got Arma 2 like four days ago if that.
  12. Hey just downloaded this yesterday and I have to say that I love this mod! Its awesome to finally see some Canadian Forces in a game I play! Couple of questions though: 1) will the vehicles return to the mod soon? (i dont have the leopard or chinook if they are meant to be here) 2) Will these be converted to work in Arrowhead as well? The AR troops would be awesome in Takistan! Thanks a bunch.