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  1. Seven continually respawning airplanes at airstrip need Traffic Control Script. Have nearestObject marker at the head of the airstrip to detect presense of any in array of seven airplanes to help trigger setFuel 0 and setFuel 1. An area trigger runs the rest of the airstrip to detect any airplanes or other objects. When in the trigger area, craters and wrecks should be deleted and takeoff of any in array that happen to be at the nearestObject marker should stop while any live vehicles and units are detected. Don't have anything except an idea. Can anyone help with the rest?
  2. Was able delete "GLT_Falcon_MRWreck" nicely, although in trying other wrecks such as the "SU25Wreck" or RKSL FGR4 Wreck it does not work. I would like to use the same or similar to: _Objectsw = (getMarkerPos "Respawn_West") nearObjects 500;{if (_x isKindOf "GLT_Falcon_MRWreck") then {sleep 60;deletevehicle _x}} forEach _Objectsw; Can you help?