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  1. So there's no option which equals my previously defined settings @ video-settings?
  2. Just a little question - does the option "sp default" within the grass selection refer to my local video or to the arma2 default settings?
  3. Just to satisfy my curiosity - what would be the performance hit (approximately) regarding low-res grass? In conjunction with this topic, may I ask your opinion about the so called "unlimited detail technology", which is promoted via various sources (e.g. ) - I'm by far no expert related to these topics which is why I'd like to share and have your thoughts/knowledge on this.
  4. Velocity

    More dynamic, co-op?

    I'd appreciate an upload of all these scenarios - love playing coop @ dynamic missions.
  5. Velocity

    LITE mission package

    That's very much the truth - there are a lot of missions out there which offer huge, complicated scenarios and unfortunately demand a lot of time. Therefore I really appreciated this pack and recommend this one to everyone who seeks fast-paced, linear missions.
  6. Velocity

    SP: Crowing Bamjahan.

    Story/Background: Well written and without any noticeable mistakes. Gameplay: The scenario provides the player with an action-orientated, linear gameplay without any complicated elements or tactical decisions (except the gear-selection before the mission begins). Also the mission-scripts work fine and support the overall scenario very well. I may add that the parachute-script is very nice - dunno whether you did that yourself but it worked quite smoothy. Nevertheless there's a little bug as the team-order gets mixed after the drop (which can be annoying for players who like a certain order within their squad). I'm also missing some dialogs (just written ones) within the scenario as sometimes you feel a little bit lost during the plot(might be a personal expression though). Last but not least the enemy AI behaves strange throughout your mission - i.e. they sometimes don't attack. Performance: Very good - even though my rig isn't the best I didn't experience any lags though the mission uses a lot of infantry.
  7. Velocity

    SP: Crowing Bamjahan.

    Would be appreciated if you could post more informations like requirements (mod a,x,y,...), mission-type (tank, infantry, ...) and so on.
  8. I might be wrong but isn't view distance normally controlled by the server you play on? For example certain servers allow client-side settings independent of the scenario currently played on. @ Roguetrooper: I would suggest to use the hoster 'Megaupload' for your files - it's faster and you don't have to wait that long to download your scenario.
  9. 100% agreed - it's annoying like hell.
  10. You don't have to convince me that you've put a lot of effort in your scenario - I believe you ;) Have you tried/played the mission "Cipher" yet? It might help you to understand which kind of objective I'd like to have implemented in your mission. Don't get me wrong - I don't want you to copy this mission but in my opinion its scenario is very similar to yours and therefore has great potential for all these players who are still waiting for a successor (kind of) with improved gameplay.
  11. This mission sounds similar to my old favourite "Cipher" - looking forward to playing it! :) May I ask whether it's possible to create certain (optional) objectives like retrieving important documents/data (similar to Cipher)? It would give the scenario some more variety and it would prevent players from searching the whole map for one AI-soldier still alive in order to accomplish the mission.
  12. Velocity

    Strange SLI usage

    In order to further investigate this problem I'd like to ask you further questions: Can you reproduce the problem within all maps? It seems like you've experienced this issue when SLI is enabled. With SLI turned off, does the problem still occur? Can you upload a screenshot of the graphics/game settings you were using in the game at the time the problem occurred? Also could you provide a screenshot of your nvidia-control-panel-settings? Have you tried to use the driver version "260.99 WHQL" which Leon86 had suggested a few posts above? Please feel free to update me at your earliest convenience. May I ask whether you use the "rendered frames ahead" feature?
  13. Velocity

    Strange SLI usage

    So we can conclude that this problem shouldn't be related to ARMA 2 but to the Nvidia-drivers. Therefore I would suggest to open a new issue @ Nvidia-Support or use their Live-Chat.
  14. Velocity

    Strange SLI usage

    So you've also tried the 270.51 drivers? Because than it would be rather weird as I don't have these issues with my SLI-system. No problem! :) I would appreciate your feedback in order to solve/isolate the problem. @ Both of you: Have you experienced these problems with earlier arma 2 OA releases like 1.57? Furthermore: Do you use the new ATOC feature?
  15. Velocity

    Strange SLI usage

    Hmm so you're running the same OS as I do which concludes that you may try the new beta drivers (because I'm also using SLI @ Arma 2 OA 1.59 without having this issue) - it's worth a try! Furthermore it might be interesting whether you had this problem before the new 1.59 OA patch was released or not. @Leon86: So you don't experience this problem with version 260.99 WHQL?