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  1. WHO WE ARE We are an easy going community with a small tight group of online gaming ArmA friends. Some of us have been in 6th sense, some of us used to be in Tier 1 operations. We have no actual admin and do not strive to promote one. We are all equal and try to keep things as simple as possible. This is how we work, and therefore no strict rules apply. We do expect all players to value basic principles, but since we're all friends in a tight community, that is hardly ever a problem. We are EU based, with players from Amsterdam all the way to Jeruzalem. We don't have a fixed gaming date yet. We have a skype channel in which we can announce when we want to do a mission. In the future this could change, and we are active throughout the week. We use MCC (mission control centre), to create missions on the fly. This allows us to create missions fast & fun. Our community is this mod's homeplace, and with it, you'll never have the same repeating missions. Every evening with this mcc, is a completely different experience, non-stop new missions! We value our gameplay. We're easy going but we have been training together for so long that we actualy come out with a very tactical gameplay. We select a leader, whoever feels like it, and plan the mission carefully. There is an aim to complete this mission succesfuly thus to say we're not just a bunch of weird dudes trying to shoot enemies down! WHO WE NEED We are looking for players that are not interested in milsim or any other kind of fetish. We're just a bunch of ordinary guys that like a good and valuable gaming session with great missions, and for that we don't need any extra strict rules, everybody should know the keyword: easy! Just take it easy, don't go mad, don't go sad. Just have fun, a good laugh, a good gameplay, a certain brothership and a great session now & then. We do not ask any preceding knowledge. You're also not required to become good or something like that. We believe that by playing along with us, you'll get the hang of it, and you'll be using our tactics in no time, without having to tell you anything ;) It's just a feeling you'll create :) If you're the kind of player expecting us to host standard multiplayer gamemodes like Domination, you're really wrong there :D! We actualy pump alot of work in big missions, but if we've got nothing prepared, the MCC is a great tool to replace such a mission. We're also not looking for fraghunters. We must admit we sometimes set up missions just for shooting, but that is to kill time while waiting for the real mission maker. So are you that guy we're looking for? That guy looking for a relief in his professional life to get a portion of great fun & a good serious mission? Are you that guy running away from your wife to clean your virtual barrel and ready for an SF-mission? Are you easy going in all ways, not really caring too much, but enough to get sessions going with us? Are you our NEXT BROTHER? WAIT NO LONGER! Apply on our website! EXTRA INFO: "Yes we're using modsets, you vanilla boy! SORRY" We use mods like ACRE, ACE, ACEX & CBA but that's all. For the sake of simplicity it's all we actualy need. But regular ArmA vanilla takes away some possibilities and alot of realism we got used to in previous communities, ACRE provides realistic radio via Teamspeak, and inhibits communication that wouldn't be possible if you lack a radio or are not standing next to somebody. ACE provides ALOT, like bullet deflection, wind, a bunch of guns & models, things I often forget because we're so used to it, check out their website for more info. There's a very simple Six updater icon on our website. Just download Six Updater, click the icon, let it update & you're ready to play with us! Now that's EASY! We also got a bunch of members to help you through with any troubles should they arise. We are also using Combined Operations. So you need Operation Arrowhead to play with us. No PC or BAF required. For more info about us, check out our: WEBSITE If you have any other questions left unanswered, add us on skype: "Depth08"
  2. SQUAD NAME Brothers In Arms Timezone/location Europe Squad gamemode preference Coop Website address Brothers In Arms
  3. Depth08

    VTS vs. MCC

    Well it's an obvious choice my friend... MCC!
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    ZGM Mapmaking Tutorial

    AWESOME, you rock mate!
  5. Ok, I think I had some problems with binPBO. Re-installed BI-tools. Re-done a samplemap from scratch & it WORKS! I'm really happy that I finally got started. With the help of you guys. I hope that I can count on you all for further support. See ya guys around ;)
  6. Well then something is seriously wrong with my binPBO!! i'm gonna download a new one later on.
  7. when i use pack on binPBO It does the job but says don't send while on the first step of objects p3d. Don't send message says that binarize.exe had crashed. I didn't have anything ingame until I re-added .wrp to the list of files. Very unclear about that. But loading time takes very long I think binarization was a mess. Help me!
  8. Thanks for the reply, I think I took on a bad tutorial for the binarizing, Nowhere it said anything about the picture for the display ingame. Aswell as a name, do you have a real good tutorial somewhere? Because most I found had fragments of topics missing :( Oh btw, I unPBO'd my PBO from the @mti folder in my arma2 folder. it was like this mti\mti\ & only then it was like ca & data files there. Could you also tell me if it is absolutely necessary to include config .cpp from all the objects folder even if you don't intend to change those?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm pretty much a big newbie at mapping, and I have a few questions I can't seem to find answered searching the net. Basicly, I used ZeroG & Atsche's threads to get most of my info, and I learned alot of it! Thumbsup for you guys!!! Still, there are some topics yet uncovered to me :( (because i'm a noob) 1 - Getting the workenviroment up for a new project: I have looked up multiple ways to do it, basicly i don't understand the following: What is the function of the config.cpp & is it normal that some extracted PBO folders have none? Also in Visitor3 in the object source path what do you fill in? The CA folder of your project folder or just the CA folder in your P: drive? Can you give me a ladder with all the folders needed for a good setup? And what are the functions in the folders, are the config.cpp's some sort of refference to the object folders? On the other hand there's, 2 - Binarizing my world properly. I don't know if it's here i'm doing something wrong, or with my startup. Basicly I just made a quick island according to tutorials. See if it works ingame. I got the mask & sat_lco up in a quicker, used allie's tutorial which was great. Except for the last part which is broken or I don't know how to read it. (It would have covered the objects parts that i was missing) So I exported my world, used binPBO, removed .wrp from direct list, browsed to @MTI\Addons (my island name) Source located at P:\CA\MTI. It was succesful but was not found ingame. I used RTE capture and startup param's to add my addon folder. Sure that it was added yet it didn't show up :( Really appreciate the guys that try to explain the stuff! But i'm just some guy that does not see it that quick i guess :D Hope you can help me out, Cheers to you all