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  1. So you are buying the game! Not that you will have to pay for it, afterall you do work for Codemasters. Your clever, very clever, in fact the best I've seen. You travelled under the radar for quite some time and done a marvellous job advertising your games here. But you slipped. It's astonishing how much you know about scripting 'Ben', so much so that you even correct TemplarGFX's mistakes. hmmm not bad for someone who apparently cannot afford a PC capable of playing operation arrowhead.
  2. Sorry, just calling a spade a spade, but your right I stepped over the line there.
  3. Give it up Ben, you aint fooling anyone except yourself. Baaaaaaaaahhhh
  4. Ben, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you are a sheep.
  5. Your the one bashing Red River, which begs the question, why do you insist on bashing a game which you are obviously so passionate about. hmmmmm
  6. Why on earth would you want to make a duplicate account? Why the fixation for Red River, are you addicted to failure?
  7. It's ridiculous that you come here and flame Codemasters yet in truth you are their most obsessive fan.
  8. Bulletbiter

    WarFX Particles

    If you need a beta tester, hit me up please!
  9. Fuzzy in the next day or two I am going to upload some ArmA gameplay footage that I would like you to take a look at. I recently purchased Operation Arrowhead and have been comprehensively examining, tweaking, adjusting and fine-tuning all the popular OA compatible mods and scripts and have put together what I beleive is now by far the most realistic behaving AI ever seen in an urban combat simulation. Keep an eye out for my gameplay footage and please post some feedback/constructive criticism as to how it compares to all the other military games you have ever played. Cheers.
  10. It would be now best for ArmA fans to distance themselves from the name 'Operation Flashpoint' because Codemasters are giving those words an embarrassing reputation. After Red River is released anyone who dares mention the words 'Operation Flashpoint' in public can expect to hear much low pitched giggling.
  11. I just had a quick look over at the Red River forum and there is a huge crapstorm going on already.
  12. Agreed, but there is certainly room for improvement. No, he made no progress in that area.
  13. He wants a highly advanced AI and has made huge strides in that area. Nobody else has come even close to what he has acheived. You appear to be deceived by a false perception that the AI is perfect in ArmA.
  14. Yeah he done a fantastic job despite the developers best efforts to impede his progress. Codemasters should have fired that Sion Lenton fool and replaced him with Templar. Seems Templar is flabbergasted by the latest news about no mission editor, he was recently talking it up big over at the Codies forums about how great Red River was going to be but now his little world has come crashing down on him. Big reality check. Hopefully he will soon come to his senses and puts his talent to good use over here by creating some AI mods for ArmA.
  15. No mission editor for PC is an incredibly massive fail, what a bunch of incompetents.
  16. Templar has managed to create the most realistic AI ever seen in an open world tactical military shooter - pop your head up out of cover and your dead style gameplay. ArmA AI are simply no match for a human, you can easily snipe them from long range at your leisure. You won't have that luxury with Templars mods, the AI are cunning and ruthless. The trick is to install the correct mods and create your own missions in the editor. You will need the Entity Database mod and the Ultimate AI mod. Select the extreme dispersion system and only play on hardcore mode. Be warned, when you play on those settings the AI is uncompromising. It can be defeated, but it will give you a hell of a fight. Remember Clive Lindop boasting about the Dragon Rising AI employing realistic 'battle drills', I'm betting when he left Codemasters the replacement team decided to target the consoletards and purposely muzzled the AI.
  17. I guess 'unofficial hacks' would be the most appropriate term as he certainly gets no help from Codemasters.
  18. That's an interesting comment, because the fact of the matter is that Templar has managed to make ArmA's AI look significantly impaired.
  19. Bulletbiter

    WarFX Particles

    Fantastic video! I'm drooling everywhere.
  20. Bulletbiter

    WarFX Particles

    Awesome. I stumbled upon your Youtube videos, insane stuff man. :butbut:
  21. Bulletbiter

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I created a quick mission in central Zargabad in which I was part of a U.S infantry squad that had to clear a nearby street. I placed roughly 60 non-grouped enemy infantry (Takistani militia) with all skill sliders set to max in the street and assigned them all with the random house patrol script. Next I changed the values in main OA profile to - skillFriendly=0.5; skillEnemy=1; precisionFriendly=0.5; precisionEnemy=1; ultra AI =1; My squad of freindly AI also had all their skill sliders set to max. I set the difficulty to 'expert', started the mission and the results were incredible. The enemy engaged my squad from doorways, alleyways, rooftops, balconies, windows,street corners, basically all hell broke loose. To my surprise the freindly AI were not disadvantaged by having their skill and precision values set at 0.5, in fact they seem to behave more human-like at those settings. The firefight lasted for approx 30 minutes but I ran out of ammo so I pulled back and ended the mission. The random house patrol script combined with Zeus is awesome, you never know where and when the enemy is going to appear and it's a real challenge trying to locate enemy firing positions without getting shot.