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  1. Encrypted_God

    Halo to Parachute landing realism

    Hello...I've been a long time friend of Gunter (8 years) and we've played ArmA a lot. I haven't been here in a very long time but after he directed me to read this I just had to put in my 2¢ about this. Why do a belly flop or go prone at all!? Especially when you float down at the slowest possible and land straight on your feet? Coming down fast will result in injury or maybe death is acceptable (or getting shot upon landing or even in the air for that matter) but doing as mentioned above or performing the actions that the OP is pointing out is absurd.
  2. Encrypted_God

    Crash to Desktop

    You're welcome.
  3. Encrypted_God

    Crash to Desktop

    In the library, right-click on the game. Select PROPERTIES. Now select LOCAL FILES. Next, select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE
  4. What type of servers would be powerful enough. ---------- Post added at 04:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:25 AM ---------- ANYWAYS! The only thing being is that the single DIMM in bank 2 slot 2 will run in single-channel mode (obviously) not in dual-channel mode like the DIMMs populating bank 1 slots 0 and 1..Bank 1 will run in dual-channel mode while bank 2 will only run in single channel mode, which is no great big deal. So figure it out. If you can't? PM me.
  5. +1 Anyways...using the EVGA 680i you have to understand that you can't or shouldn't use 3 sticks of memory on that board. The idea is to install memory sticks in adjacent slots. Meaning not next to each other. e.g. if using x2 1gb memory sticks place them in slots o and 1 ONLY. 2 and 3 shouldn't be used. So the bottom line is that if you want to increase the physical memory you should use all four slots using 1gb sticks. If you use 2 sticks of memory put them in slots 0 and 1 (If I remember correctly, the blue ones). Read the manual.
  6. Encrypted_God

    Arma 2 texture problems

    First and foremost; please list the complete specs of your lappy. However; to skip page one I will go to page 2: Update your vid card drivers. If they are updated then go find that latest driver that pertains to your hardware (nVidia/ati), download it to the desktop. Uninstall the existing driver first! reboot, once in windows, let windows install the generic drivers that's implemented within windows. When it finishes reboot again. Once in windows, double click on that driver you downloaded onto your desktop. When finished, reboot. Also, if you're a nVidia user there is another way and should be used every time you update the drivers. Actually it's recommended. But I will wait for your response first
  7. Encrypted_God

    Crash to Desktop

    Right-Click on your shortcut > "Run as Administrator"
  8. Encrypted_God

    ArmA strange graphics problem

    win x64 or x32
  9. Encrypted_God

    ArmA strange graphics problem

    Hm...Well the latest is 266.66. Get that and test again. Download it HERE
  10. Encrypted_God

    ArmA strange graphics problem

    That's definitely not a G-Card issue or your rig. I will sometimes get those images and I'm running x2 560ti in SLi (EVGA). Sorry for not being any kind of help but I'm only pointing out that you're not alone or the only one getting those images. However, it appears to be a texture file issue. I'm sure my buddy Gunter Severloh knows more. Wait 'till he chimes in
  11. Wow...after 1.5 years you finally figured this out? Or are you raising the dead.....
  12. Encrypted_God

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I would like to explain in detail as to what I did to solve this. That way if someone is having the same problem they can use this as a reference. The file that was giving me problems was the takistan_data_layers. I navigated to the folder where the game downloaded to and went to the exact folder where the file was/is. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amazon Games & Software\ARMAArrowhead\OperationArrowhead\Addons. I found the file and noticed that it was Gzip file. So it was named; takistan_data_layers.pbo.gz I copied it over to my documents and when I tried to extract it I got a message from WinRaR telling me that it was corrupt. So what I did was ask Günter to send me his file that he had. Now keep in mind that the file was ONLY the .pbo AND it was NOT in a folder. So the .pbo was zipped only. I zipped up the file that Günter sent and named the zipped file; takistan_data_layers.pbo and moved it over where the corrupt one came out of: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amazon Games & Software\ARMAArrowhead\OperationArrowhead\Addons. I didn't have to name the file ending with the .gz because WinRAR "associates" that paticular file as a .gz so even though I used WinRar and zipped it up as a .rar, all I had to do was change the ending of the zipped file from .rar to .pbo. So please pay close attention to detail as it needs to be identical I launched the installer and it worked. So basically I replaced the corrupt file with another one. If someone is having a similar issue, try this but make sure you backup the original file(s).
  13. Encrypted_God

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I get a file copy error. See screenshot below. I purchased OA via Amazon. (digital download). I am installing it directly from where it downloaded. :EDIT: Image was to large.
  14. Encrypted_God

    Game blackout

    Are you OC'd in any of your components.