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  1. I bought a Saitek X52 Pro joystick and throttle, plugged them in, but now TOH doesn't seem to recognise that I have TrackIR. It used to work fine before when I only had a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. TrackIR is working fine, I checked that, but in TOH it doesn't work. What can I do?
  2. Ok so I looked in-game on the light helicopter, there really is what looks to be a slip indicator right under the artificial horizon. Unfortunately, it never actually moves. Hm. Tell me, when you fly, do you even care about the yaw produce by the main rotor? Or do you just ignore that? Maybe it's not important in this game...
  3. Ah, so that's on the same instrument as the artificial horizon. I don't recall seeing that in the game on the light helicopter, though, but I'll take a closer look when I come home. Thanks!
  4. In flight sims we have an instrument called the slip indicator to show the direction the plane is flying relative to the direction of the fuselage. If the ball is completely centered, then so is the fuselage centered with the direction of flight (i.e, going perfectly straight). If you apply some yaw (either yourself, or due to torque from a prop), then the plane's fuselage begins to point a little off-center where the plane is actually flying. At this point on the instrument you can see the ball "slip" from the center position. I haven't flown any helicopters before TOH but notice that there is also considerable yaw from torque effects that needs to be compensated with "rudder" pedals (I'm not even exactly sure how the compensation works since there's no actual rudder on a helicopter...). However I can't seem to find any instrument that would help me gauge how much to compensate. Is there any instrument like the slip indicator on airplanes? When I'm flying low it's quite easy to see if I'm going straight or kind of sideways, but when I'm flying high this is much more difficult to guage. Sorry if this a dumb question, I'm a complete newbie to flying helicopters, any help would be appreciated!
  5. Well it's very difficult to hover manually, I had no doubt it would be. But I feel a little guilty using the auto-hover function thinking that this is just a game crutch to help rookies. Is that true, or do some real life helicopters also have an "auto-hover" ability? Just curious to know.
  6. Hey, thanks a lot! I did notice I had a ton of Arma stuff in the expansions enabled, but the disable button was greyed out for them when I tried the first time. Launched the game today and went straight to expansions and was able to disable everything there and now no more issues! Thanks a lot! :D
  7. Got a mission to fly some cargo to a parade or something using a heavy helicopter. Haven't flown one before and the training doesn't cover it. There's a switch for the APU but I'm not sure what's the correct way to use it? Do I use it to help start the main engines and switch it off later? Do I keep it going during the flight?
  8. I'm trying to do a contract mission from Paul Kelly where I need to help the coast guard find a boat? When I start the mission there's a lady over the internet that informs me that the suspect boat is white and heading northward fast. Of course, when I start the mission I'm 30km away from the "search area". By the time I get there I can't see any white boat going anywhere fast. Does it just move around in this marked searched area? Or has it probably already gone further out? I found a couple of small white speedboats that looked like they could be the ones, but when I hover over them nothing happens so they are probably not it. I'm also unable to find anyone doing this mission on youtube or any info about anywhere on the internet and I'm completely stuck just flying around here, I have hovered over ALL the boats within the search area and none of them seem to be the correct one. I'm stuck =/
  9. Also when I watch youtube videos of Take On Helicopters, they don't have that there. And also all the normal voice, like from the instructor in the training, it comes in as very quiet with a LOT of static. But on the youtube videos of the same training flights, the instructor's voice is very clear with almost no static. It was the same in the demo, clear voice with no static. But in the full game, very tinny voice with lots of static... What's going on :(
  10. I played the demo and really liked it, so I bought the bundle on Steam and installed it (18gb, wow! :eek:) But then when I play now the full game, there's these Arma2 voices that keep happening. Like if there's another helicopter somewhere near me then I'll hear a soldier from Arma2 call out the helicopter. Or if when I'm passing through waypoints, each time I pass through one there's a voice that says "group, move to, 28756" and so on. I didn't have this in the demo! How can I turn these off? They are very annoying and completely breaks the mood of the game for me... I want to play Take On Helicopters, not Arma2... Thanks for any advice with this.
  11. Say if I've issued a whole bunch of orders, like, "danger" and then "scan horizon", and "stay crouched" and all the like, how do I then tell them to just return back to how they were by default? Sort of a "relax" command?
  12. guitarxe

    How good is the AI?

    Woah, that voice activated commands would be so much better for playing than constantly figuring stuff out with number keys. Does it work for Just Arma2 or do I have to have the OA expansion for it, too?
  13. guitarxe

    How good is the AI?

    Ping makes a big difference? The only tactical group that I've found so far that doesn't play on weekends is in Euro, and I'm in Canada. I was hoping 100-150 ping wouldn't be that much of a problem, since it's just co-op against AI.
  14. guitarxe

    How good is the AI?

    It's just that it seems when I try to play campaign I'm constantly wrestling with the AI and interface to control them. One mission we had to advance through a hostile urban environment and the entire squad just jogged right out in the middle of the road. And just now I took my squad into an APC, we came to a town where we found a hostile man in a truck, who got out, started shooting us, and my AI gunners gave absolutely zero reaction to him, even after I clearly told them to attack that man. They even kept turned out, even though I kept telling them to change state to "Danger" in the "7" menu. I mean I know the game is probably a billion times better to play online with real players, but I want to learn it a bit in single player first. And I also can't seem to find any tactical/realistic group that doesn't have their prime time on Saturdays (I work on weekends).
  15. guitarxe

    How good is the AI?

    Well I've been reading dslyecxi's guide and was wondering to what extend my AI squad buddies would be able to perform in the campaign? And this talk of suppression fire... is the enemy AI 'smart' enough to be actually suppressed?