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  1. Yeah, It's working perfectly fine now, Thanks for the Help guys! (Downloading @CBA did the trick :P)
  2. I'm Running Everything... @CBA_A2, @ACE, @ACEX, and @ACEX_SM... I have that problem figured out now, but now when I start it up it says: "Addon 'acex_sm_main' requires addon 'CBA_MAIN'" I checked and I have both those files but I don't get what it means... again I'm not good with computers but anyway, ArmA II Runs now but whenever I play (For Example when I was testing it on Mission Editor) it says something about not having the CBA File (When I have @CBA_A2) and to install it and restart ArmA II, yet I can still play the game, I'm just happy I got ArmA II running though.
  3. Hey Guys, Could anybody help me out with this? Now I'm no Computer wiz so stick with the simplicity on this please... I've installed the A.C.E Mod and now when I try and play ArmA II it brings up the Message "Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found" and I've tried to fix it but I feel I'm only making things worse. Therefore, I stopped and went to ask around here. Also, Six-Updater won't bring up the Web Browser... Thanks -Hitman